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Updated on 05/02/2020 at 21:59

He shot with everything. Former soccer player ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe was outraged by his nephew Jefferson Farfán for not inviting him to his film, for allegedly misrepresenting the facts and for his “ingratitude” by not naming him. That is not all, also described as “insolent” and “misplaced” salsa singer Yahaira Plasencia.

“Yes (I saw the movie), I had to pay 18 soles. It’s like a very sentimental soap opera. There are chapters that really leave a lot to be desired. I think that at some point in its history, both the family and me, I thought at some point to be. There is a part of Waldir’s film where he supposedly leaves a house and does not conform to reality because it was in my mother’s house after a birthday of mine. As a direct relative, blood is blood, it hurts a lot. The family has felt affected because they thought otherwise, ”said the former U player in an interview with Trome.


Yahaira Plasencia did attend the premiere of the film and in conversation with the press said that all the people who love him are present. These statements bothered the ‘Cuto’.

“When that misplaced lady, at the premiere, said:‘ there are all the people who love him, love and respect him. ” An insolent one that is not part of its history, ”he told the media mentioned. For the exfutbolsita the salsa singer did not have to be there.

The ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe does not talk to Jefferson Farfán four years ago because of family problems and because he did not like his opinions, but confessed that he misses him because it is his “blood”.

“It’s normal (miss it). The blood is the blood, he feels nostalgic because he has been raised with us. We have always had a good deal. This issue (if distanced) is about 4 years old, ”he said.

He remembered when he defended it. “They were giving him where a man hurts the most. A boy went out to reveal that he had been with his girlfriend, the sauce boat, and I faced everyone. ”