DACA In The Supreme Court: The Decisive Hearing That Will Determine The Future Of Some 700,000 Dreamers Ends | Univision Immigration News

On the outskirts of the Supreme Court building dozens of young people are gathered in support of the 2012 Deferred Action Program (DACA). The concentration occurs at a time when the highest court holds a hearing in the framework of the review of the benefit requested by the government of Donald Trump.

"The spirit of our members and allies is high. This is our home (Home is Here) and we will continue to fight regardless of the decision" made by the magistrates, Cristina Jiménez, executive director of United We Dream (UWD) tells Univision Noticias ).

The activist added that “we are living a historic day in the life of all DACA. The lives of thousands of young people will be impacted in 2020. That is why we are fighting together, for our community, for justice. "


Jimenez also said that this day’s mobilization “is for the nation’s leaders and judges to have the moral clarity of protecting young people who have been protected by DACA.” The program, created by former President Barack Obama in 2012, temporarily protects against deportation and grants a renewable employment authorization every two years.

On September 5, 2017, President Trump canceled the benefit, but on September 9 last year a federal court in California restored the program, except for youth who had not previously re-enrolled.

"We trust that the Supreme Court, instead of casting a vote in favor of the president and supporting its racist and divisive policies, listen to our community and support the legality of the program, as established by the lower courts," said Jiménez "So far we have done everything we can do to make this come to fruition. This is a political struggle that will define the history and elections of 2020. We are part of the problem, of the key issues that will incline the presidential election, ”said the UWD executive director.

“This, there is no doubt, will be one of the issues that will define the electoral conversation and how voters will respond on the first Tuesday of November next year. And not only the presidency, but also the Congress and thousands of other public offices throughout the country, ”he said.



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