DACO Conducts Investigation For Increased Price Of Liquefied Gas

Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO) has begun an investigation
on the alleged increase in the cost of liquefied gas that could culminate with
a price freeze order, Secretary Carmen reported Thursday

asked the Department of Justice, on December 9, to investigate a potential violation
to the Law of Monopolistic Affairs in this market, after the departure of Puma
Energy last April in an agreement with Empire Gas.

“We understand
that the low competition at the importer-distributor level is what causes
the price in this market, ”he said.


Salgado's explanation occurs after Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced
will issue a warning from gasers about the possibility of fines and
freezing of liquefied gas prices, because the alleged increase that has been
Registered this month was done without following the DACO regulations.

"There are some
companies that are not complying with the DACO regulation and my instructions to
she (Salgado) were to be analyzed, according to the powers that DACO has, to
take action against all those gas companies that are failing to comply. Yes there are
that freeze prices and if fines have to be imposed, be rigorous with these
people until they comply. Those increases in liquefied gas have to be
based on the DACO regulations, ”Vázquez Garced said, during a
press conference held as part of the inauguration of a Center
Educational and Technological in the residential El Coquí, in Cataño.

He added that
“Those who have not complied with that (the regulations), have to comply
and the measures will be taken. We are going to protect the citizen, we are going to protect
those people who depend on liquefied gas to make their food.
This is a product of first necessity, so in this sense we
We are going to protect these citizens. ”

???? | Governor @wandavazquezg order the @dacoatufavor action before situation with the liquefied gas. pic.twitter.com/KrAg6fTOeq

– La Fortaleza (@fortalezapr) December 19, 2019

Behind these
Expressions, First Hour interviewed Salgado to know what it was that
It happened in the gas market. Among other things, the official denied that
it would take a price increase for being in the winter season, as
the industrialist Ramón González, owner of Empire, will express to this newspaper

we are monitoring the price internationally and it has not
increased. That is not reality. The gas market is between 3.55 gallon to
(3) .52. We will not allow consumer abuse, ”said Salgado.

the companies have not yet shown cause to DACO to justify the
increase for another reason. But, he clarified that "they are still in terms."

Empire Gas has until tomorrow, Friday, and Tropi Gas until next Monday to
“Submit the notification of increase and comply with the provisions of the article
5 of regulation 45 ”.

increase made prior to performing this step with DACO is not "unjustified".
For this reason, the holder called on consumers to submit complaints that
Identify who is raising prices without authorization. Is that revealed
that, so far, do not have these complaints that make them have a record
that the price increase of which one speaks is recorded.

“Yes in
effect that increase came into effect, we would have to deal with the matter with a cessation
and desist, show cause and fine, ”he stipulated.

the spokesperson of the Distributor Coalition reported earlier this month
Independent of Liquefied Gas of Puerto Rico, Carlos Declet, with the rise
imposed on liquefied gas it is estimated that the 20-pound cylinder increased from
$ 17.98 to about $ 19.98; while the 100-pound one, which is the one used in
Gas stoves in homes currently increased from $ 80 to up to $ 90.

No declet
He was available for interview. The owner of Empire Gas, however,
he never wanted to clarify if they as wholesalers had increased the
prices. He simply insisted that “we will continue to comply with the rules and
DACO regulation, as we have done. ”

incidentally, he said that if the government believes that the price of gas is a problem,
It should act against the Cabotage Law. Is that reported that companies
Puerto Ricans cannot buy liquefied gas in the United States, as there are no ships
that carry this type of fuel.

The law of
Cabotage requires all merchandise within the United States territory be
transported in boats with their flag.

we could buy gas from the United States we could have a little improvement
in cost, because in the United States there is a lot of abundance, ”he explained.