Daddy Yankee Leaves The Future Of Wanda And Azucena In Reina De La Canción To The Public: Vote Now!

"I have always said that the public is the one who makes the stars," said Daddy Yankee once he left his place and took the stage for the second time on this third night of Queen of the Song.

The executive producer had been as surprised with the participation of Wanda López and Azucena Salazar as the judges. Neither one nor the other could decide who to hand over the last place of the House-Study. That's why the singer took the stage and spoke directly with the audience: "The artist belongs to the people; that's why I want to invite all the viewers who are watching me at the moment to be part of this decision, and to help us with your vote to choose the best of this duel. "

The Queen of Song's duels gala kicked off with a performance starring three great music stars: Joss Favela, Natti Natasha and Olga Tañón, who stood on stage to offer a shocking opening number. To the rhythm of 'The magic of your eyes', 'I like it' and 'The big party', respectively, the judges of the talent contest gave us a sample of what is spectacular.


On this third night, in which the participants played the whole for the whole, the recording forum was attended by Daddy Yankee, executive producer of the show. The audience received him with applause and he set out to explain: "I want to emphasize that this is not a reality. It is a contest that looks for that super star that has the perfect combination of talent that makes a true sovereign of the music".

After this great first participation of the Big Boss in Reina de la Canción, it was the turn of meeting the director of the Casa-Estudio, Pedro Capó, whom we also saw in front of the cameras for the first time. The interpreter of 'Calma' was given the task of offering a tour of the space that will house the 12 participants who rose as winners of the hard-fought duels, in which there was even one qualified as "worthy of a grand finale."

Once back in the forum, Alejandra Espinoza welcomed the judges and the first singers to face each other on stage. Gladys Ruiz and Gabby Tamez were greeted with applause and jurors invited them to take their positions. They had to sing 'Adjusting accounts', a theme that Diana Reyes popularized in 2011. After a fortunate interpretation of Glayds, the original from Tamaulipas, Mexico, was the first chosen.

A sparkling Alejandra Espinoza kicks off the "duel to death" gala de Reina de la Canción

For the second duel the theme 'I refuse' was chosen, a fusion of ballad and reggaeton that last year popularized Reik, Ozuna and Wisin. The musical number was provided by Vikina López and Andrea Valles. Although Natti Natasha praised the two participants effusively, it was the first who stood as the winner.

The tenderness and empathy of Alejandra Espinoza was revealed when Angie Vasquez was out of the competition, before the tears of grief the driver hugged her and praised her: "I hope these tears are happy because you did a great job." In this duel, the victory went to Aimée Miranda.

The time to get participants out of their comfort zone came when Tatiana Liary and Fatima Poggi had to sing 'Happy the 4', from Maluma. The presentation was so good that Olga Tañón could not decide who to give the place to. Finally, with the help of Natti and Joss, the winner was the former participant of Nuestra Belleza Latina.

The farewells came one after another. At this time it was the turn of Arlette Gutierrez, who took the stage with Virginia Stille. These participants had developed a beautiful friendship since the auditions, so the duel and the decision of the judges became difficult for both. "I always thought we would arrive at the Casa-Estudio together," said Gutierrez, who, taken by Stille's hand, had to say goodbye to Queen of the Song. They had to sing Jenni Rivera's unforgettable song 'I already know'.

The sixth duel was in charge of Jessica Nuñez and Wildania Aquino, who faced each other singing 'One Year'. "This (selection) is extra difficult for me," Natti said for whom they both made it excellent "and they looked happy." The one who managed to remain in the competition was Jessica Nuñez, her happiness was so great that she entered dancing at the residence where the other chosen ones were waiting for her.

But the judges were waiting for a presentation they didn't expect: the meeting between Itzel De León and Giselle Amelunge. In this powerful performance of 'Respect', the emblematic song of the soul queen, Aretha Flanklin, both singers surprised the judges, the public and the executive producer. The euphoria that caused this pair was such that it was difficult to make a decision. And, as Joss Favela said, this confrontation had been worthy "of a final."

Faced with the incessant shouts of "let them both stay!", Daddy Yankee entered the stage to give the last word. Although the judges were about to define a tie, the singer named Giselle as the winner of the duel. In her role as executive producer, Daddy comforted Itzel and invited her to return to the competition next year.

The next to go on stage to do their performance were Barbara Toledo and Navil Rox, who performed 'Sin pajamas' by Natti Natasha. Both singers achieved loud applause from the audience. Only Rox achieved the absolute approval of the judges.

We had reached the ninth duel of the night. Now two Puerto Ricans faced each other: Hilary Santana and Gemaliz Porrata, they had to sing 'Fight Song'. In spite of the energetic interpretation that both offered, the second was the one that stayed with the jury's preference.

The tenth duel did not receive the praise that would have been expected. Cristina Muñiz and Jennis Bencome sang 'Como tu mujer', a theme with which they disappointed Joss Favela, who said he expected more from them. The jury was divided, they could not decide who to give the place that was left. Faced with this uncertainty, Daddy Yankee arrived again on stage, this time to choose Jennis as the contestant who could continue in search of his dream.

(PHOTOS) The Big Boss is in the house: Daddy Yankee arrives at Reina de la Canción to take control of the competition

Melaner Quiroz and Andre Veloz also did not satisfy the taste of the judges. After hearing them sing 'Indecent Proposal' in bachata version, Natti Natasha criticized that both were so focused on following the rhythm of bachata, that "they failed to make the indecent proposal to anyone." However, Quiroz rose as a winner.

The last test was carried out by Azucena Salazar and Wanda López, who sang 'Love Stuff'. At this time the suspense seized the forum. The judges were shocked with the interpretation. Olga Tañón acknowledged: "There was a feeling and a concern here. They did well." However, only one of them could stay in the competition.

They are the 11 singers who will compete in Reina de la Canción (and the two who fight for the last available place)

Once again Daddy Yankee left his place and went down to the stage. As the 'Big Boss' he is, he took the floor: the last decision was to be made by the public. It was then that the interpreter of 'Dura' called for a vote and now it is up to the audience to decide between Azucena and Wanda. Click here to choose the next one in the competition.