Dafne Fernández Has Almost No Makeup Since She Is a Mother

The actress Dafne Fernández could not be more satisfied with the endless joys and teachings she has been receiving since, in August 2018, she gave birth to her little Jon, fruit of her solid and discreet marriage to photographer Mario Chavarría, at that in total they join more than five years of idyllic love story.However, and as it happens to many other women in their situation, having to combine so many professional and family tasks has led the interpreter to pay less attention than usual to her physical appearance, as she has explained in her path, curiously, by one of the fashion shows in Madrid Fashion Week. “No, it is not a myth that we mothers have almost no time to get ready. It is Really, many times it happens to me that I have not done makeup for two weeks, and it is something that I like. There are times that I force myself, that I have to take Jon to the nursery and I paint a little, because sometimes it is that I do not even comb my hair ” , has revealed what was She was the protagonist of ‘A step forward’. In her everyday life, the dancer also usually chooses basic and comfortable clothes that help her deal with the frantic pace of her activities. However, that does not mean that Daphne is willing to give up the goal of having a wardrobe as varied and complete as possible, even though she usually does not even have time to enjoy her new clothes. “I think that as I don’t need anything in my closet, but then I don’t wear anything I have. I always go to the basics, day-to-day jeans and stuff, “he explained to reporters gathered at the IFEMA fairgrounds, just before referring to the few occasions you have to dedicate yourself solely and exclusively to your needs. “Yes, sometimes I force myself to do it, but it’s hard to find those holes, also for work,” he said.