Dallas Police Release Video Of Shooting At Love Field Airport

Dallas Police Release Video Of Shooting At Love Field Airport

Police release new video of Dallas airport shooting 1:45

(WABNEWS) — The Dallas Police Department released edited surveillance and body camera video of a woman who fired a gun at Dallas Love Field airport Monday and was tackled to the ground by a police officer.

Portia Odufuwa, 37, was charged with aggravated assault on a public servant, and other federal charges are possible, Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said at a news conference Tuesday.


Odufuwa has not yet been assigned an attorney, according to Connie Basurto of the Dallas County Public Defender’s Office.

Portia Odufuwa has been charged with aggravated assault on a public servant and other federal charges are possible, police said.

Airport surveillance video without audio shows Odufuwa getting out of a red Kia Sedan outside the airport on Monday. According to Garcia, the driver was an Uber driver who is not under investigation.

Odufuwa is then seen on surveillance video inside the airport walking to a bathroom. About five minutes later, according to Garcia, Odufuwa emerged from the bathroom with a black hoodie pulled over his head and his hands in his front pockets.

According to Garcia, Odufuwa walked over to the Southwest Airlines ticketing area and said he had an announcement to make.

At one point, surveillance video shows Officer Ronald Cronin, a 15-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department, beginning to walk toward Odufuwa.

“Witnesses say Odufuwa started rambling, talking about a marriage, incarceration and that he was going to blow up the airport, and then pulls a gun out of his sweatshirt,” Garcia said.

Surveillance video shows Odufuwa pointing the gun at the ceiling. Garcia said he fired multiple shots.

Cronin can be seen reacting to Odufuwa’s actions and trying to confront the suspect as people at the airport tried to take cover.

Cronin ordered the suspect to drop the gun, according to Garcia.

“Odufuwa pointed his gun at Officer Cronin and an innocent bystander,” he said. “Officer Cronin took cover behind the ticket kiosk and fired his department-issued weapon, striking the suspect several times. Officer Cronin held his position and other Dallas Police Department officers arrived to take the suspect into custody. “.

Cronin can be seen on surveillance video pointing his gun at Odufuwa, with Odufuwa falling to the ground. Several policemen entered the terminal to help.

Odufuwa was taken to an area hospital where she underwent surgery for her injuries, according to the chief. She is in stable condition.

Investigators discovered in processing the scene that shots from Odufuwa’s gun indicate that she had shot Cronin, Garcia said.

The gun was not registered to Odufuwa, according to Garcia.

Odufuwa has been banned from owning a firearm since August 2018, according to the chief.

The suspect’s actions before arriving at the airport are still under investigation, as is the motive for the shooting, according to Garcia.

Finding the motive behind Odufuwa’s actions is “incredibly important,” he said.

“It’s incredibly important where he got the gun from. It’s also incredibly important. Mainly, we really just… need to know why. And then go back and really follow that gun and see where it came from and see what the origin of this is.” Garcia said.

Cronin’s actions at Love Field airport were those of a “warrior,” he said.

“He did not hesitate to commit, managing to give orders to possible victims trying to guide them to a safe place, even after being involved in the most traumatic scenario of our beloved profession. I know his actions saved lives and prevented further injuries,” Garcia said.



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