Daniel Jones Doubtful Due To Injury To Start For The Giants Next Sunday In London

Daniel Jones Doubtful Due To Injury To Start For The Giants Next Sunday In London

Giants backup Tyrod Taylor could also be ruled out for the Packers game with a concussion.

EAST RUTHERFORD — New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones is suffering from a sprained ankle and showed signs of improvement Monday, coach Brian Daboll said.

Whether he can play Sunday against the Green Bay Packers in London remains in doubt.


“Daniel is feeling a little better today,” Daboll revealed. “We’ll see how that goes.”

Daboll did not answer a question about whether Jones suffered a high ankle sprain. He declined to give further details.

Initial tests regarding Jones’s injured ankle have been positive. There is no fracture. Jones was hurt when his left foot got caught under safety Jaquan Brisker on a sack during the third quarter of Sunday’s 20-12 win over the Chicago Bears.

The Giants’ starting quarterback left the game but returned after backup Tyrod Taylor left with a concussion. Jones later admitted that he felt pain, and his ability to move was compromised.

Daboll said Monday that Taylor was in concussion protocol and would be monitored throughout the week.

Daniel Jones admitted that the injury limited his mobility when he had to re-enter last Sunday’s game. Getty Images

Davis Webb would start next Sunday against the Packers in case Jones and Taylor can’t play. Webb is currently on the practice squad.

“In terms of where we are at this point, I don’t think we’re at decision point,” Daboll admitted. “Let things work themselves out.”

Webb was the Giants’ third-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. He spent time with the New York Jets and was with Daboll on the Buffalo Bills roster before returning to the Giants this offseason.

Webb has never thrown a pass in an NFL game.

“I think you try to plan for every contingency plan that you may or may not have throughout the week. [Iniciar con Webb] He will certainly be one of them,” Daboll said. “Again, I don’t want to guess now on Monday where the other guys will be. Davis has been in our offense for some time. He knows the details, so if he must play, we’ll do everything we can, and we know he will, to get him ready to play.”

The Giants planned to audition quarterbacks earlier this week as another contingency. They would need a backup for Webb if Jones and Taylor are unable to play. Daboll was still uncertain about whether or not they will add one to the squad.

Taylor left Sunday’s game after taking a helmet-to-helmet hit early in the fourth quarter while scrambling for a first down. Daboll said the current climate following the Miami Dolphins’ handling of Tua Tagovailoa’s injury won’t affect the team’s treatment of Taylor.

“I think we take all injuries seriously here. We’re going to do everything we can to keep the player’s interest in mind. That’s what we’re always going to do,” Daboll said.

Jones’ injured ankle could prove difficult otherwise. The Giants have relied heavily on his ability to run this season. Jones rushed for a pair of touchdowns before Sunday’s injury. He has produced 279 rushing yards on 45 carries so far this year. His personal record is 65 carries for a season.

Jones has missed starts in each of his three pro seasons. He missed a couple of starts as a rookie with a high ankle sprain.

“I’m just going to take it every day and see how it goes. [Jones]Daboll offered. “If he can train and get out there and do the things we need him to do, great. If you need a day, you need a day. I think it’s case by case with these guys. Obviously he’s played a lot of football. I trust him and where is he? I think we as coaches need to do a good job of observing it, evaluating it. Get all the information we need to make sure we make the best decision for him and as a team as we can.”



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