Daniel Radcliffe Blames Harry Potter For Relapsing Into Alcohol

Daniel Radcliffe never had any qualms about sharing the torment he experienced as a child star overnight, the loss of anonymity as a child and the consequences, good and bad, that experience had on his life. The eternal Harry Potter said goodbye to the character almost a decade ago but still talks about him. And it is that the influence that the young magician had on his life was tremendous. However, now he claims that he was responsible for bringing him to relapse into the drink. (Todd Williamson; Gtres) MoreThe English actor, who already has 30 springs, confessed in the past his problems with alcohol when he was younger and that there are several scenes throughout the Harry Potter saga in which he was drunk (claimed he drank before going to work and never did so on the set of movies). Now, during an interview with the BBC Radio 4 program Dessert Island Discs, he added more details to his confession, blaming the fame on the character for having transformed into an alcoholic. “If I went out and got drunk, I suddenly realized that interest because he was not a drunk guy, it was Harry Potter getting drunk in a bar ”he said adding that the role of Harry Potter“ contained some interest for people, even mockingly. ”And so he confessed that his way of dealing with that constant pressure “was to drink more or get drunk more […] I did a lot of that for several years, ”he said. Daniel claims that his alcoholic years occurred towards the end of Harry Potter and shortly after the end of the saga, blaming“ panic for not knowing what to do ”later. “I was not comfortable in myself to stay sober.” However, thanks to his family and friends, he managed to cope with the problem. It took him several tries until he finally succeeded and he has been sober since 2010. And it is precisely to them that he thanks them for having managed to maintain “perspective” when fame stalked their life. Because, according to him, he can understand why other child actors have suffered from substance abuse problems in the years following youth success. “I think the biggest problem for many is that they enter a situation where they start doing things when they are 10. They commit for several years and stop enjoying it. At that point they are the ones who bring the bread home, so many people push to continue doing this work and you feel pressured […] I think that is why many fall back on drugs. “In turn, he states that while many actors fall back on drugs and alcohol for fun, the problem is that” there is no one to tell us about the consequences or be honest about it. But he had his parents and his friends in the saga who “gave me enough perspective and helped me in key moments.” Since he said goodbye to the character, Daniel was guiding his career through different productions, bizarre stories and plays that took him out of his comfort zone. Without going any further, an action film in which he passes much of the story with two pistols stuck in his hands in Guns Akimbo, as well as the real story, is pending release. from the prison escape of two activists who created copies of wooden prison keys in Escape from Pretoria. More stories that may interest you: