Daniela Darcourt Launches New Video Clip With My Friend | Eye Show

Updated on 04/10/2019 at 19:24

Daniela Darcourt released her new music video called "With my friend", and as the song title says, the salsa artist tells the story of a betrayal by her friend with her boyfriend.

Once again, the singer shows her skills for acting, and not only participates as an interpreter, but also demonstrates the passion that placed in this new "hit." He even tears in tears for the betrayal of his partner.


This new release is part of the album 'That is me', which worked with the renowned producer Master Chris. Now, Daniela Darcourt officially presented the issue with a video clip aimed at women who have suffered a hoax.

“That you go with her, do not deny the things that I have seen. I cannot resist this betrayal and now it is I who ask you to go with her, but get away from my life I feel disgusted if you look at me and your presence hurts me. And one question I have to something that intrigues me why of all the women, you cheated on me with my friend, ”says the chorus of the song.