Danna Paola Affected By The Coronavirus Sadly Revealed: “Super Bad Because …”

Danna Paola is one of the protagonists of the most prominent Netflix series in Spain, “lite”, and she is visiting the mentioned country promoting this fiction.

The truth is the mexican actress It has been affected by the coronavirus and, for the moment, its plans must have changed completely. Related News But, what do we mean by this last one? In a Spanish program, the interpreter of songs like “Hey Pablo” or “Sodio” was consulted for the disease that worries the world.

Along with her castmates, the model and songwriter showed her concern and stated that she is afraid of being infected. Therefore, the influencer born in Mexico City revealed that the production of “lite” is taking action in this regard and they reached a Conclusion: suspend future presentations, including the one to be held in Mexico. OMG!


As you are reading, the 24-year-old singer will not appear in her country of origin and, therefore, must remain in Spain for security and prevention reasons.

“We just had a bad time because we had a promo in Mexico and it was just canceled for all this …”, concluded Danna Paola on the Spanish platform, regretting that she could not return.



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