Danna Paola: They Criticize Her For Her Rare Makeup, While Spreading Great News

Danna Paola: they criticize her for her rare makeup, while spreading great news | Instagram Special

Singer and actress Danna Paola is shown on social media with rare makeup and a fatal style mistake. While the singer talks about good news related to her new challenge #estoycontigo, the singer draws attention with her strange style.

In addition to creating a chain with the motto #estoycontigo, the singer decided to donate the proceeds from her new song “Contigo” to people and places that need sanitation. In her Instagram stories, Danna Paola happily announced that there are already more than two million views of her video “Contigo”, which means greater profits for people who need help with the pandemic.


With two ponytails wearing two different colored garters, a filter that did not favor him at all, a white outline and blush that made his face look strange. Danna Paola thanks the people who have supported her to carry out a good cause and the small project she has been planning.

Danna Paola wears rare makeup while spreading great news

Singer Danna Paola has positioned herself on social networks for her exquisite taste for fashion and style. So if he surprised users by showing various trends that are fashionable but together, they simply do not match and do not favor him at all.

A few days ago, Danna Paola uploaded a video on her social networks where she talks about how the quarantine has affected her. Where he also admitted that he has suffered from anxiety and fear before everything that has happened in the world because of the pandemic. Above, he thanks his followers and all the people who have stayed at home, respecting the rules of health prevention.

So he decided to find a way to help with the pandemic, so he decided to release a new song titled “Contigo” where he talked about how much he misses the people he loves. With the intention of making people feel and comforting with a beautiful message, telling people that they are not alone. Unfortunately her appearance on her Instagram stories distracted the audience from the big news.

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