Dark Fate 'launches Its Final Trailer And Is The Best Yet

Paramount has launched the vibrant final trailer from 'Terminator: Dark Destination', the best yet. On this occasion they have decided that everything revolves around the mission of Dani, the character played by Natalia Reyes, without thereby giving up the show dose. In passing allows us to take a look at the role of Enrique Arce, unforgettable as Arturo in 'The paper house'.

In its own way it is an essential advance, because until now we knew that they wanted to kill her and that the life of John Connor is also in danger, but this advance, mostly spoken in Spanish, affects what's so special about Dani and the exact reason why a Terminator is sent to end it. The answer remains unclear but allows us to start tying up ends.


The return of James Cameron

Marked for being the return to the franchise of James Cameron

, although only as a producer, 'Terminator: Dark Destination' is a direct sequel to 'The Last Judgment', thus ignoring the three deliveries that had been filmed since then. we hope that Tim Miller, responsible for 'Deadpool', lives up to the circumstances.

Too Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong they return to the saga for the first time since 'The Last Judgment' and, obviously, the presence of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Among the new signings stand out Mackenzie Davis, Gabriel Luna, Diego Boneta and those already mentioned Natalia Reyes and Enrique Arce.


'Terminator: Dark Fate' will hit theaters on 31 October. It will be then when we see if it has been worth ignoring the rest of the sequels and, above all, if we are facing one of the great entertainments of 2019.