Darya Klishina: I Received An Offer Of 200 Thousand Dollars To Be An Escort

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Mexico City / 05.22.2020 22:44:28

Darya Klishina received a proposal that made her turn her back, first for the outrage that caused her and then for the amount of money they offered her to become an escort. The Russian athlete, who was the world long jump runner-up in 2017, revealed this situation during an interview with the sports.ru portal.


The 29-year-old athlete, who currently lives in Atlanta, United States, explained that she made this proposal through her social networks, which she immediately rejected, regardless of being offered a monthly amount of 200 thousand dollars ( 4 million 470 thousand pesos).

“They offered me to be an escort. They wrote me a direct message on Instagram. I’m not someone who makes fun of people and I just replied, ‘Sorry, but I’m not interested in this offer.’ Then he answered me saying: ‘Wait, do not immediately refuse. You don’t even know the conditions and the amount that I am offering, ’” explained the Russian athlete, who later released the figure they proposed.

“The sum was great, very large. It was $ 200,000 a month. So I thought, ‘Do I really see myself as a woman who would agree to something like that?’ ”She added.

Committed to your sport

Darya Klishina, whose specialty is the long jump, won the silver medal at the World Championship in London in 2017. The athlete participated as a “licensed neutral athlete” after the Russian doping scandal that prohibited athletes from competing under the flag of his country.