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Tuesday, January 21, 2020. One in the afternoon. Silence on the premises of the United States Senate in Washington. Top judge, the president of the Supreme Court of Justice, John Roberts.

This will be the beginning of the political trial or impeachment against the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

The charges, detailed during the investigation conducted by the House of Representatives, are abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, although different analysts have mentioned that the president has lied in several matters, although not so vital, and has carried out activities that in other cases could be cataloged out of place for a head of state.


With a solemn reading of the charges and the oath of the legislators, the political trial against Trump began technically on Thursday in the United States Senate.

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For the third time in American history, the Senate was transformed into a political trial room, headed by the president of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, as the Constitution marks.

Oath of impartiality

Under strict silence, the 99 US senators present (one was absent due to a family emergency) in charge of judging the president swore "to give justice impartially in accordance with the Constitution and laws" in front of the highest magistrate in the country, who had previously done the same.

Political trial against Donald Trump.

The first Senate trial hearing will begin on Tuesday at one in the afternoon.

In addition, the seven Democrats of the House of Representatives appointed prosecutors appeared in the Senate to read the accusation approved on December 18 in the lower house of Congress.

Adam Schiff, chairman of the Lower House Intelligence Committee, will serve as chief prosecutor of the trial.

Case of Ukraine, the almond of the trial

The crime of abuse of power is set when the president retained military aid to Ukraine, as well as for promising a meeting of the White House to the president of that country in exchange for an investigation into a potential rival in the presidential elections, Democrat Joe Biden .

Once this case was known, Trump allegedly hindered Congress' investigation by prohibiting his advisors from testifying or providing documents, Schiff added.

Trump trusted the Republican majority by saying Thursday afternoon that the trial "should go very fast" and repeated that he had not done "anything bad" and presented himself as a victim of a "witch hunt" orchestrated by the Democrats, that control the House of Representatives.

Absolved early?

Now, the upper house is expected to absolve Trump. To condemn and dismiss a president requires the support of two thirds of the Senate, something highly unlikely in a chamber dominated by Republicans.

In numbers this means that 67 senators are needed to demand Trump's impeachment. The Republicans, who mostly support Trump, are 53 senators and the Democrats are 45, while two others are independent, who almost always join the Democrats.

John Roberts, president of the Supreme Court of Justice and judge at the Donald Trump trial.

Despite the few possibilities that 20 Republican senators vote against the president to reach the necessary number for the impeachment, the Democrats expect the trial to bring new embarrassing elements to the surface.
Trump, and demand that four advisors close to the president testify.

Trial Duration

A Trump administration official told reporters that the government hopes the trial will not last more than two weeks, suggesting that McConnell could use his 53-47 Republican majority not to call witnesses and quickly bring the
voting charges.

President Trump knew exactly what he was

Republican Senator Susan Collins said she would "probably" support a motion to call witnesses. "Having additional information would be useful," he said.

The leader of the Senate Democratic minority, Chuck Schumer, implored his Republican colleagues to vote for fair rules that allowed witnesses and said: "Each of us, Democrats and Republicans, will face the option of starting this trial in search of the truth or at the service of the president's desire to cover it up. "

'I knew exactly'

In relation to the first article that Trump is accused of, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) concluded in a report published Thursday that the White House violated federal law by temporarily suspending funds approved by Congress for Ukraine .

US President Donald Trump (i.) And former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden.

Democrats published documents this week showing that Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, worked with Ukrainian-born American Lev Parnas to pressure Kiev to investigate Biden. They also exposed how both, along with Ukrainian officials, tried to expel the US ambassador to the country, Marie Yovanovitch, finally fired by Trump.

In a televised interview on Wednesday, Parnas told the MSNBC network that "President Trump knew exactly what was happening." "I was aware of all my movements. I would do nothing without the consent of Rudy Giuliani or the president," he said.

No one knows what effect Trump's prosecution will have in the 2020 elections.
Whatever happens, however, Trump will have to live forever in the infamous pantheon where the other two presidents in history live who have run the same fate: Bill Clinton, prosecuted in 1998; and Andrew Johnson, in 1868.

For a person like Trump, obsessed with his image as a winner, impeachment is a blow that won't stop hurting. So have you been partisan or end up winning the November elections.

* International Writing
With information from Sergio Gómez Maseri, correspondent for EL TIEMPO in Washington and AFP



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