Daughter of former Secretary of Intelligence of the United States is accused of stabbing a subject

Daughter Of Former Secretary Of Intelligence Of The United States Is Accused Of Stabbing a Subject

Washington – Sophia Negroponte, daughter of the former US National Intelligence Director John Negroponte was arrested in the state of Maryland on charges of first-degree murder after allegedly assaulting a 24-year-old boy with a knife, local press revealed Sunday.

The 27-year-old girl, who is one of the five children that the former official adopted in Honduras when he was a diplomat in that country in the 1980s, remains in the Montgomery County Detention Center, The Washington Post detailed.

John Negroponte was a US ambassador in Honduras and Mexico, as well as undersecretary of State and the first National Director of Intelligence, appointed in 2005 by the then President George W. Bush.


The version indicated that the incident occurred last Thursday, in a house in the town of Rockville, where the police arrived after being alerted to a person who had been injured in the neck.

Negroponte and Yousuf Rasmussen watched television with a third person who was not identified and who was named as a witness. Both, details the information, had been drinking.

Suddenly they began to argue and even struggled on the floor and calmed down, the witness explained to the police, and said they then returned to engage in an allegation.

The witness, according to the newspaper, said Rasmussen started looking for his backpack to take his mobile phone and that he saw Negroponte take out a knife covered with a sheath from a drawer in the kitchen and lash out at the young man in a way he described as ” aggressive. “

The defendant admitted part of the testimony of the witness and said they had argued over a “silly issue”, calmed down and then had a new altercation, according to the journalistic version.

Detectives indicated in their report that the girl, who had cuts in her right hand, only remembered having removed a knife from Rasmussen’s neck and lying on top of him while screaming so he wouldn’t die.

“She has our full support,” Diana Negroponte, the defendant’s mother, said in a brief interview, who said the girl “was trying to live alone and attend college.”

“We love her deeply,” he said.