Daughters Of Jacky Bracamontes Triumph On Their ” First Catwalk “

During a parade at a children’s party, Jacky and Caro proved that they are worthy heirs to a beauty queen.

Says the saying that “what is not stolen, is inherited”, in the case of Jacky Bracamontes and their daughters apply 100 percent.


The actress and host shared in her Instagram a collection of photos in which we see his two oldest daughters, Jacky and Carolina, parading like true catwalk models.

The photos were taken at a children’s party where there was everything; until a fashion show in which, without hesitation, they participated Jacky and Expensive, who demonstrated that they bring in the veins the instinct to model.

Although the girls came to the party dressed the same (in an emerald green dress), at the time of the parade they had no problem choosing the outfits with those who were going to appear. Very sure of themselves they went out to face the public and, because of their faces, they were very happy above the catwalk.

“My models … When you could go to children’s parties! Let’s have faith … and fill our minds with positive things! What makes you happy? To me, to see the smile of my daughters,” she wrote. Jacky about this unforgettable moment.

After having a scare, since there was a risk that both her husband, the pilot Martin Fuentesas well as his daughter Renata I would have contracted coronavirus; at present Bracamontes and his family are quarantined in Miami, where they spend long periods of the year.

Although it’s locked up, Jacky she also continues with her participation as host of the program Divine Net.