David Beckham Defined Chicharito And Pizarro In One Word

David Beckham, a former mythic of Manchester United and Real Madrid, today begins a new stage in his life. The Englishman will be one of the many owners of the new MLS team: Inter Miami David has made it very clear that he wants to do things well with this new project, which brings a great investment behind, not only the ex-player, but also of great entrepreneurs. This is why, lately, Inter Miami has captured a lot of people’s attention.Beckham decided that to give a good boost to the team a franchise player was necessary and ended up being neither more nor less than Rodolfo Pizarro, one of the Mexican players more media today. In addition, it was revealed that David managed the signing assuring him that it will help him fulfill his European dream since, due to the years he played in the old continent, he has several contacts that would help Rodo to get accommodated in a team. dynamic TUDN where Beckham would have to define what was asked with a word, assigned the word “Great” to Pizarro and defined Chicharito as a “Great Player”