David Bernier Will Not Seek The Nomination For Governance By The PPD In 2020

David Bernier announced this afternoon that he will not aspire to the candidacy for governorship by the Popular Democratic Party (PPD).

"Today, the campaign that I have to run is that of my family," the former governor for this community in the 2016 elections said on his Facebook account.



In 2015, history unequivocally marked me as a candidate for governorship by the …

Posted by David Bernier on Thursday, October 3, 2019

“At this time a candidacy for governance would severely hurt my family. I have always been willing to serve my country regardless of the circumstances, but this time it is different because my actions will place the greatest sacrifice in third parties; my wife and my children, ”said Bernier.

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“The country is also served from the citizen's fulfillment of duty. There is always a margin of doubt when making these kinds of decisions, ”he added.

However, Bernier left the door open to aspire to a seat in politics in the future.

“Maybe I regret it or I am wrong, but it will be in favor of my children and my family. Later, only God knows but today the bell that I have to run is that of my family, ”he said.

Earlier this week, El Nuevo Día published that Carmen Yulín Cruz offered the former secretary of state to be a duplicate on the ballot of the next elections.

The mayor of San Juan admitted that in February she told Bernier that she would aspire to the Washington-based police station if he decided to seek the governorship again.