David Yesterday Shares An Image Never Seen Of Jared Leto In Suicide Squad

David Yesterday Shares An Image Never Seen Of Jared Leto In Suicide Squad

Jared Leto and his Suicide Squad Joker have made many headlines in recent weeks, especially since the villain's film, this time played by Joaquin Phoenix, premiered on October 4.

First of all we knew that the actor was disappointed with Warner Bros for bringing a new actor to play a role that he believed was his for the future (although it is a film of origins in which he could not have fit). Later, we learned that he even tried to get his agents to stop this shooting when it was already underway.

We do not know very well if it is because of all this noise that Leto has generated, who remember that he complained in his day that many of his scenes had been cut from the final assembly, but the director of Suicide Squad (2016), David Ayer He wanted to introduce one of those scenes on Instagram, which reveals the Joker of Leto not very happy with the Harley Quinn of Margot Robbie (who will repeat his role in The Suicide Squad).


The image is accompanied by the following description:

"The films are fragile. They are like dreams, disturbing moments that flee your vision. They have their own logic and truth. If you change the destination after the trip is completed, is it still the same trip? The backbone of Squadron Suicide was Harley's journey.In many ways it was his movie, escaping his relationship with Joker was the main emotional line.A director has an invisible compass in his hands.Guide every shot, every performance.That compass points to destiny. If the destination changes, did the trip really happen? "

This image shows a damaged Joker (literally, as the tattoo says on his forehead) and pointing his gun at Harley's head. For his injuries, we can know what happens after the Joker helicopter crash, just after he tried to "rescue her" from the Suicide Squad.

Could it be that, after surviving the impact, Joker once again tried to get Harley back to his side but this time she refused? Could that justify the threatening reaction of Prince Clown of Crime?

Be that as it may, we will never know the answer, because the days like Joker by Jared Leto have come to an end and the next Harley Quinn movie played by Robbie will be Birds of Prey, where he will tell precisely how he remakes his life without the villain's yoke.