Dayanara Torres Celebrates Her Birthday Dressed As Merlina

Dayanara Torres maintains her sense of humor and the desire to celebrate in the midst of her treatment to fight cancer.

The model celebrated her birthday with family and friends in a very funny way: dressed as Merlina. Both Dayanara and the guests at her celebration wore costumes and all posed together to document the moment in the social network of the former Miss Universe.

"Last night. I couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate my birthday. With my family and my great friends. I love you!" He wrote.


Just ten days ago, the beauty underwent her twelfth radiation therapy, also in the company of her loved ones, including her mother.

Constantly, Dayanara is grateful for the support of the large number of people who have stayed by her side to help her cope with her illness.

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Blessed Always ?? Treatment # 12 I never thought to hear those terrible words … "You have Cancer" (Melanoma stage 3). …. and how life has changed me. Like many, I was ignorant of all this. I thought that with skin cancer they only remove the area and you keep walking … ??????? What a great lesson I have received, skin cancer runs all over your body through your lymphatic system and parks wherever you want , in any organ, or area of ​​your body, eyes, nails, scalp. ???? Look at his body, if you have doubts about a new mole, or any other that changes in size, color, with surface … see your doctor. Early detection is key … Today I live it, with all the pain, uncertainty, and side effects that deplete my body, leave me in fatigue and a severe pain that is constant in my back … Do not live in doubt … make an appointment with your doctor. Please! ???? ?? #TheDayanaraEffect #Cancer #Awareness #Melanoma #Blessed #Loved #Warrior #Thanky #AveFenix ​​#DeTodasMeLevanto #SigamosOrando #NoMeSuelten ?? Thanks to my Queen Mother, Lela … you are my strength, my rock my thrust. . Titi Olguie, thank you for traveling from Massachusetts to spend quality time with me and show me the way you have also lived. . And my @jenniferjnieman Thank you for always saying present in the most important moments of my life … and that rollercoaster of life has touched me … but we keep going. The best is yet to come…???? I love you so much! . ?? Thank you @jenniferjnieman beautiful and with the new color to represent melanoma! "GUERRERA" ?? cover by @tildeandco

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