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‘De Viaje Con Los Derbez’ Returns To Amazon With a Road Trip Through The United States

Eugenio Derbez revealed that in the second season they did it aboard a camper with which they traveled US highways; the new member of the cast is Fiona, Eugenio Derbez’s bulldog.

One of the most successful projects for Amazon Studios in Mexico, ‘De Viaje con los Derbez’, will return this year to Amazon Prime Video with Eugenio’s family facing the COVID 19 pandemic and living together for weeks in a camper on a trip in road through the United States.

The actor said that they had originally planned to do the season in a country like Thailand or Vietnam, but due to COVID-19, the plans had to change drastically.

“It was a huge challenge to do a second season when we have the covid worldwide. We once talked about going to Thailand, Vietnam, but w ith the covid it was impossible. We had to avoid airports, conglomerate cities and the only solution we found to be able to film was to take a road trip, a road trip with a very small, very careful staff ”.

“We avoided populated cities and went to places with pure nature and you don’t know how well we did. We were practically stuck in a campervan, traveling to places that I never imag ined existed in the United States, ”said Derbez during the Prime Video Presents event, in which the platform presented the most outstanding premieres it will have in 2021.

Eugenio Derbez said he enjoyed this season much more, perhaps because for the first time he traveled with his three oldest children, all as single men. “It was a completely different experience from the one we had in Morocco.”

The actor also said that one of the biggest challenges of the second season, even as an associate producer, was touching on sensitive personal issues, such as the divorce of his eldest daughter, Aislinn Derbez.

“I had to suddenly convince them of things that I was not sure as Dad if it was the right thing to do or not; there were many frictions in the family.

“In this second season it was in discussion to know if we were going to talk about my daughter’s divorce. Somehow all this (his break with Mauricio Ochmann) started in Morocco, but it kind of sped up the whole process and we didn’t know to talk about it or not, and it was one of the most complicated things to decide how we were going to do it and even to where.

“We decided that what we had to do was continue with the same thing, it was part of the conversation: either we have come this far and we do not do a second season or if we are going to do a second season, we are going to continue with the same dynamic of speaking the truth. and be honest and transparent. That was one of the great challenges this season: to be able to continue being ourselves, to be honest, “said the actor at the event. Amazon Prime Video .

Eugenio Derbez said that it was not so easy to convince his family to participate in a second season… taking into account that when he returned from the trip to Morocco, he did not speak with his children for more than two months.

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