Death Again Shakes The Life Of Danna Paola In ” Elite “

The actress revealed to Who that in this third season her character, ‘Lucrecia’, will do an act of courage to show her true love for ‘Valerio’.

Death will once again shake the lives of all the students of The Oaks. After that in the second season of Elite who the real killer of Marine (Mary Pedraza), now the death of pole (Alvaro rich) will reveal new secrets of its protagonists.


“The death of pole is he spoiler bigger than we could have given them, but everything has a reason; A cycle is just closing telling that story and the death of that character is essential in these three seasons. Obviously with parting with Álvaro Rico Like each of the characters, emotionally, we are broken by this event.

“It is a super emotional season, they are going to cry a lot because I think it is a change. It has a very different rhythm, there is an evolution of each of the characters because growing hurts and that is a bit of the story that we continue to tell them “, he shared in an interview with Who Danna Paola .

The Mexican announced that in this third installment, which premieres today on Netflix, Lucrecia will do a courageous act to show your true love to Valerius, who is played by the Chilean actor Jorge López.

“Mainly with my character he has a moment and a 180 degree change because when he thinks he has everything, he has nothing. He does a very brave act to show his love for Valerius and basically disinherit them both.

The interpreter highlighted the work she has done with her partner Jorge López They are both the only Latin Americans in a Spanish series.

“I believe that Elite He has come to do a catharsis, a before and after in our people and in our careers, it made us face situations that we had never interpreted.

“Work with Jorgito It has been one of the greatest gifts that has given me life and how we have carried the history of Lu Y Valerius In front and behind the screen it has been very good and it has changed us for the better and we are proud to have brought such a complicated relationship to people’s hearts, “said the actress.

The third season of Elite that promises a high dose of suspense, drama, jealousy, and intrigue, it will also have new characters, it is Yeray Y Malick, played by the actors Sergio Momo Y Leïti Sène.