Debate Of Democratic Candidates: All Against Donald Trump

Without an outstanding figure or some weightless tirade, the fifth Democratic debate left on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 the feeling of a "everyone against" US President Donald Trump, who between accusations and criticism ended up stealing the prominence to the candidates for the candidacy of the blue party.

"We cannot be consumed by Donald Trump," the experienced Senator Bernie Sanders alerted his nine stage partners at the opening of the meeting, noting that following that path they will lose next year's election.

But in the end everyone succumbed to the temptation to attack Trump, who on Wednesday faced one of the toughest days of public hearings held in the political trial investigation that is followed by the lower house.


It was precisely that process that opened the questions and displaced much of the topics of the discussion that this time did not address the problem of weapons in the country.

Trump and the political trial

Hours after the ambassador to the European Union (EU), Gordon Sondland, assured congressmen that there was "quid pro quo" in Trump's coercions to Ukraine, the Democratic candidates did not save criticism of the ruler.

"We have to establish the principle that no one is going to be above the law," said Senator Elizabeth Warren, who considered seeing enough to make Trump be dismissed.

Sanders folded the wave and said Trump "is not only a pathological liar" but "the most corrupt president in the country's history," and said people believe that if he broke the law "he should be prosecuted like any other individual. ".

Mayor Pete Buttigieg said that in normal circumstances the president should leave his office and, when compared to him, recalled that he does not play golf, the favorite sport of the White House tenant.

Senator Kamala Harris complained that Ambassador Sondland has unveiled a "criminal enterprise" and a "corrupt administration," and demanded that there be the same justice for all.

"We think that Donald Trump is a problem. No. It is a symptom not a disease," said entrepreneur Andrew Yang.

Foreign policy under review

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who displayed his political experience, said that if he came to power he would stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia and held the "crowned prince" responsible for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

He also said he would seek for the United Nations to condemn China for keeping Uyghurs in detention centers in Xinjiang and for failing to fulfill their commitments to Hong Kong.

Sanders proposed, meanwhile, that Washington seeks to bring positions between Iran and Saudi Arabia and even between Israel and Palestine.

"I am pro-Israel, but we must treat the Palestinians with the respect they deserve," he argued.

With regard to migration, Warren criticized that immigrant children have been separated from their families, and demanded that they live on the border "at the height of American" values.

Women in contention

With four women candidates and four journalists asking questions, the gender issue was not absent from the controversy.

"Women are asked for a higher standard," said Senator Amy Klobuchar, who in a confession admitted to having appealed to everyone she could to fund her campaign, including her ex-children, who, she said, contributed USD 17,000.

"If you think a woman can't beat Donald Trump, (the House of Representatives president) Nancy Pelosi does it every day," he said, applauding.

Climate change and other issues

Billionaire Tom Steyer raised as his flag attention to the climate crisis and the need for "structural changes in Washington", arguing that the government is under the influence of large corporations.

Yang recalled the importance of thinking about "the true threats of the future," among which he mentioned China's investment in artificial intelligence, which, in his opinion, puts the United States at risk of losing its arms race.

While Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, who is a former combatant, asked that no more soldiers be sent to "draw dictators" and, almost in the end, she faced Buttigieg, also a former combatant, about the use of US troops in Mexico and a meeting she He kept with the Syrian president, Bachar Al Asad.

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