Debate Of The Democrats Focused On Transparency In Politics

By ivangonrom

December 20, 2019 9:09 AM

The trial against President Trump and the fundraising discussion was the focus of this new confrontation.


UNITED STATES, Los Angeles.- The sixth and final 2019 Democratic presidential debate began almost unanimously on the impeachment vote in the House of Representatives 24 hours earlier, and within an hour it became an energetic battle for transparency and money in politics.

The long-awaited confrontation between Senator Elizabeth Warren and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg materialized in the second hour of the debate, when the Massachusetts Senator criticized her 37-year-old opponent for having an expensive campaign fundraiser in A wine cellar.

All candidates agreed with the accusation against President Trump. Only Andrew Yang expressed reservations, while criticizing the media. "We must stop obsessing with political judgment, because it will hit many Americans like a ball game in which you know what the result will be," he said.

Another who was under the eyes of the attendees was Joe Biden, whose commercial dealings with his son in Ukraine is essential for Trump's political trial, although this time he did not mention his family ties. Biden said Trump is "lowering the presidency" and pampering the dictators.

“Is it surprising that if we look at the international polls that have been done, the Chinese leader is qualified above the US president? Or that Vladimir Putin congratulated him, saying he stood firm and that, in fact, it was a mistake to accuse him, ”Biden said.



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