Debt: Trump Reinforces Key Support For Alberto Fernández

In those conversations, the president-elect received support from Washington and direct offers to continue maintaining an adult relationship between the two countries. Alberto F. talks about the support that Trump can give Argentina by pressing on the IMF board of directors in debt renegotiation and even gave as an example the favors that the George Bush administration did to Nestor Kirchner, but there is much more behind.

The United States does not want to arm itself with a conflict front with Argentina at a time when the region trembles in protests even in less thought students like Chile. And a tool for that is Trump's decision to play "behaving much better than Brazil" to balance the domain.

Bolsonaro gives him ample advantages for that: it is clear that the president of Brazil was not going to come to the presidential assumption, but at least it seemed that the crisis could begin to calm down when the Planalto announced that Hamilton Mourao, the most moderate vice president would come and to which many in Brazil come when everything appears out of control. It was short-lived: Bolsonaro's last turn was to cancel Mourao's trip and replace him with a minister of much lesser rank in his administration.


Another round The IMF said yesterday that it is ready to negotiate. Even, using Vatican language, they are willing to do it with the economists of Alberto F. before the presidential assumption. Hernán Lacunza warned that he accompanies if necessary.

The key phrase in this process was given yesterday by Gerry Rice, IMF spokesperson. It is worth repeating: “I understand that Mr. Werner and Mr. Nielsen participate in a conference organized by the University of Miami tomorrow. I am not aware of any meetings planned at this time, but it is not excluded that they cross in the halls as is usually the case in this type of event, ”said the official.

That seminar, which this newspaper anticipated exclusively, will be held today. Alejandro Werner and Guillermo Nielsen were staying last night at the same hotel, the Biltmore of Coral Gables. That “crossing of corridors” to exchange “opinions” on the renegotiation of the debt (with the Fund and with bondholders) could surely have already taken place last night in some of the hotel's extensive facilities.

Third topic Alberto Fernández will have the Puebla Group in Buenos Aires this weekend, which is presented as the focus of progressivism in Latin America. Dilma Rousseff, José “Pepe” Mujica, Fernando Lugo, Ernesto Samper, Álvaro García Linera, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and the Uruguayan Daniel Martínez will be in the game. The sessions of that group will have two unmissable scales: a small meeting today at Café las Palabras that Eduardo Valdés encourages and a larger dinner on Saturday in the cloisters of the Abbey in Belgrano. There we will also talk about the debt and the impossibility of paying it without growth, something that Alberto F. explained more than in the report he gave to Rafael Correa for Russia Today (see separate note)

After the Latin American tumult of the Puebla Group, there will be full-pragmatic Peronism Monday and Tuesday. The meeting of the US-Argentina Business Council will begin in Buenos Aires for which a delegation from the US Chamber of commerce headed by Myron Brilliant, executive vice president and Head of International Affairs of the U.S. arrives in the country. Chamber of Commerce, if any title is missing.

This delegation of businessmen wants to test relations and offers to the new government. There, not only do American businessmen speak, but also Argentine companies that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The group has already confirmed meetings with Alberto F. teams: Jorge Arguello, Cecilia Todesca and Matías Kulfas. According to the organizers themselves, it remains to confirm meetings with the president-elect, Sergio Massa, Gustavo Beliz and, also Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, since, logically, these business dialogues always occur with the ruling party and the head of the opposition.



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