Defense Minister Denounces Presence Of Subversion In Ecuador

QUITO (AP) – Ecuador's armed forces investigate the presence in the country of insurgent cells that would have participated in the latest social protests, when the Comptroller's building was set on fire and two media outlets were attacked.

During the possession of the new military dome, Defense Minister Oswaldo Jarrín said that "a new directive was issued last week with a specific objective: to confront the insurgency in the country."

In the midst of the indigenous and union protests, groups of hooded men appeared that exhibiting urban guerrilla strategies, formations and actions generated acts of vandalism and attacked not only police and military but also civilians and private assets in a coordinated manner in different parts of Quito.


Jarrín said that during the protests in the Ecuadorian capital were "groups that taking advantage of the circumstances can reach democratic destabilization."

In an interview with the Teleamazonas television channel, the Minister of the Interior, María Paula Romo, was asked “how were certain violent acts financed?” While pointing out that those who call the protests must also be held accountable.

For almost two weeks Ecuador recorded an outbreak of violence that paralyzed much of the country with protests and excesses against rising fuel prices, which was later overturned by the government of President Lenin Moreno, which opened a table of dialogue with protesters.

The main labor groups unhappy with a government labor reform project have announced a national strike by the 30th of this month.