Defense Says That Spanish Planes Go "to The Max" Of Your Ability To Evacuate "in The Shortest Possible Time"

The Defense Ministry has indicated this Wednesday that the Spanish planes in charge of the repatriation of Afghans make the most of their capacities to evacuate the largest number of Afghan collaborators.

This has been expressed by Defense in a message published on its Twitter account in which the Ministry has ensured that the repatriations are being carried out “in the shortest possible time” within the evacuation operation.


The last flight from Dubai after leaving Kabul airport that arrived at the Torrejón de Ardoz air base this Tuesday brought with it 290 Afghan citizens, including 120 minors. In total, the number of them that have arrived in Spain now amounts to 1,105.

The United States has asked the countries that carry out evacuations from Afghanistan to end their operations this Friday, August 27, days before the official limit set on August 31, as explained on Wednesday by the Belgian Defense Minister, Ludivine Dedonder.

The UK has already confirmed that it expects to complete its evacuation operations in Kabul in “24 or 36 hours”, according to Defense sources cited by The Guardian

, which indicate that the hostility of the Taliban is increasing and that they are preventing Afghans from reaching the airport.

France is also advancing its departure. As the French Minister for European Affairs told C News TV, “it is very likely” that the evacuation operations in France will end this Thursday.

The Pentagon confirmed on Tuesday that “several hundred” US soldiers have left Afghanistan after completing their mission at the Kabul airport.

The Taliban are blocking access to the airport for Afghans who want to escape, which together with the limited time to complete evacuations makes many countries fear that their Afghan citizens or collaborators will be trapped in the country as of 31 December. August.

Despite the European pressure, expressed for the last time yesterday at the meeting of G7 leaders, the US administration led by Joe Biden has decided to keep that date, considered a red line by the Taliban, for the withdrawal of its troops, without whose protection the rest of the countries do not see it feasible to continue operating.



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