Delcy Rodríguez Accuses The Spanish Right Of Double Standards For His Support Of Guaidó

The vice president of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, accused the Spanish right-wing parties on Sunday of having “a profound double standard” for her support of opposition leader Juan Guaidó, whom she accused of being “an enemy of the homeland.” In an interview to the private channel Televen, when asked about the criticisms that have arisen in Spain for its meeting at the Madrid-Barajas airport with the Minister of Transportation, José Luis Ábalos, the vice president attributed them to “the banality” of the media. ” I have been able to realize many things, the banality, the unbearable lightness of being, I would say, expressed in the banality of the media, but also in what the Spanish right represents, I would almost say that it is a political eccentricity, because they remain in the superficial fact, “he said. Rodriguez said the same right” endorses a coup d’etat in Venezuela, “and accused her of supporting Guaidó, whom he said was” a partner in drug trafficking and paramilitarism. Colombian “, in addition to” an enemy of the homeland. “He said that the situation reveals” a profound double standard, because no one can deny the links of Juan Guaidó with the Colombian paramilitarism. “THE INTERNATIONAL TOUR OF GUAIDÓ The Venezuelan vice president downplayed the Guaidó international tour, which more than 50 countries recognize as president in charge of Venezuela, and said that this trip, from January 19 to February 6, means “nothing.” Who is Juan Guaidó in national politics? It is nobody, it is nothing, “he said to add that the tour of the opposition leader served” to replace him “to him and to the governments that took a year later” ahead of all the constitutional order of Venezuela and international. ” the situation that occurred at the Simón Bolívar airport, which serves Caracas, upon returning to the country of Guaidó, which received blows and shoves, the vice president said that the Conviasa workers “expressed their repudiation for the sanctions”. To VENEZUELAS, according to Rodríguez, the sanctions imposed on Venezuela by the president of the United States, Donald Trump, are “a frank violation of international law.” For the Venezuelan Government, the economic and humanitarian crisis that the country is going through is due to these sanctions, which They affect their assets in the US. THE NATIONAL DIALOG TABLE Rodríguez valued as “very relevant” the scope of the national dialogue table of the Government of Venezuela with a minority sector Aryan of the opposition, because he “allowed a space” to ratify his national idea “while continuing to oppose the Government of Nicolás Maduro.





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