Demi Lovato Flows Sexually – First Hour

Sexually fluid. This is how singer Demi Lovato defined herself by declar ing herself bisexual, that is, that she lets herself be carried away by what she feels regardless of whether the person is male or female.

“The Disney Girl,” who will sing the American anthem on Sunday at the 2020 Super Bowl, said she has never had a problem publicly speaking about her sexual preferences.

However, before telling the world that he was bisexual, he wanted to share it with his parents.


“I did not officially tell my parents that there was a possibility that I would end up with a woman until 2017,” he explained in a radio interview with Andy Cohen. “It was very emotional, but also very beautiful. After having done it, I was still shaking and crying. I felt overwhelmed. I have incredible parents. They were super understanding.”

The truth is that Demi Lovato was afraid to tell her mother more than her father. “My mother was the person with whom I was most nervous, but she simply told me:‘ I just want you to be happy, ’and that was so beautiful and incredible. I’m so grateful, ”said the singer, who said she was ready for her participation in the Super Bowl.