Demi Rose Crouches Down And Videotapes Her! Look What It Looks Like

We caught her, this time we hunted Demi Rose in resignation and she has a hard time getting out of it with her head high.

The model that has been saying from the minute one that entered our lives that his is a product of his passion for pizza, has had to recognize that he practices exercise. A lot of pizza, a lot of margarita-based breakfast but in the background, Demi, like any famous woman worthy of her, is forced to take care of herself and spend time in the gym, what a loss of glamor!

The curvy was intended to go through our lives as one of the lucky ones to which nature provided curves in maxi version and it turns out that weights, abs and squats are also part of his life, what a disappointment!


We believed that having all that fast food based was possible, and that you weren't a Sara Corrales giving the gym and body or a Tammy Hembrow lost in fitness. But you also have your secrets, and this is no longer one of them.

Demi, we have discovered it, you practice sports like every neighbor's daughter. You put on tights and sneakers and give the dumbbells, the exercise table and the routines. You crouch according to repetition and leave in sight the size of the rearguard that has made you so famous.

And although it costs to take your eyes off that part of your anatomy, the truth is that you exercise not only rearguard, legs, arms and abdomen suffer the sweat that you said you did not have.

You have just finished your myth of 'non-sport' and the most natural and you just crossed the limit becoming another of our famous, yes, with a much more different and large body. And that's already a lot right?