Democratic Presidential Convention Postponed To August

Washington – The United States Democratic Party announced today that it has postponed until August 17 – a month late – the convention in which it will make the election of its candidate for the White House official, due to the threat of the coronavirus.

The convention – which would gather over 4,000 delegates and more than 10,000 people – is still scheduled for the city of Milwaukee, in Wisconsin.

“In our current climate of uncertainty, we believe the smartest approach is to take additional time to monitor how this situation unfolds so that we can better position our party for a safe and successful convention,” said Joe Solmonese, chief executive officer of the committee. in charge of the convention.


Originally, the Democratic National Presidential Assembly was to take place from July 13 to 16.

Former Vice President Joseph Biden is the favorite to win the Democratic nomination for the White House, at a time when he has an advantage of about 300 delegates over Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont). According to Real Clear Politics, Biden has 1,217 delegates, compared to 914 for Senator Sanders.

1,991 delegates are required to secure the Democratic nomination for the White House, without the intervention of the more than 700 Democratic Party superdelegates, who are elected officials and leaders of the party structure.

Several states and territories have postponed their primaries this month, due to the coronvirus threat.

The Republican presidential convention is scheduled for August 24-27, in Charlotte, North Carolina.