Democrats Ask The Senate To Relieve Donald Trump Of Power

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, was described by the Democratic representatives as a threat to the security of the country and urged the Senate to remove him from power immediately.

According to a document presented this Saturday by Democratic lawmakers before the US House of Representatives, he states that “the Senate should condemn and dismiss US President Donald Trump to avoid serious and long-term damage to our democratic values ​​and national security of the United States. country, ”HispanTV said.

The document addressed to the head of the Senate – a Republican majority – represents the arguments in support of the charges of abuse of power of the current tenant of the White House and the reasons that encourage the impeachment process against him.


In the report presented, the Democrats have also described the Republican president as "the worst nightmare of the founding fathers" and accuse him of having breached his oath to "faithfully execute the laws" of that country.

They also detail the conclusions of the four months of investigation conducted by the Intelligence Committee and the Justice Committee, during which time it was determined that Trump had abused his power by pressing Ukraine to investigate his political rival, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden, and his son Hunter, hindering the investigation of the case.




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