Democrats Await Approval Of Key Budget Points

WASHINGTON (AP) – Democratic leaders expect the House of Representatives to pass the two crucial items on President Joe Biden’s domestic agenda on Tuesday, a pair of Democrats said Saturday, in the party’s latest push to move the bill forward. delayed in Congress.

However, it is unknown if that ambitious date can be achieved.


Senior Democrats want a final agreement between the House and Senate so that the $ 1.75 trillion 10-year social and environmental plan will be drafted by Sunday, Democrats said.

Talks between White House officials and the two legislative houses were taking place over the weekend, said the Democrats, who requested anonymity to describe the plans because they were not authorized to comment.

The White House on Thursday outlined a $ 1.75 trillion measure that received positive feedback from many unranked lawmakers, pending talks on final details.

An agreement could pave the way for legislative approval of the proposal and a separate bill for a trillion dollars to finance infrastructure projects, including roads and railways.

For an agreement to be viable between the two houses in the Senate, the support of Democratic Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona is necessary.

Progressives in the House of Representatives, long at odds with the party’s spending and tax priorities with the two centrists, need to be certain that they can rely on their support for the deal.