Democrats criticize Mike Pence for raising funds in full coronavirus crisis

Democrats Criticize Mike Pence For Raising Funds In Full Coronavirus Crisis

The Florida Democratic Party criticized Friday that Vice President Michael Pence, responsible for the government’s response to the coronavirus, will participate in a fundraiser for his campaign with a view to re-election amid the globalization of the disease COVID-19 .

Pence is expected in Palm Beach (southeast Florida), where he will speak to the economic freedom advocacy organization Club for Growth and meet with the governor of this state, Ron DeSantis, to discuss the problem of the coronavirus, and then head to Sarasota (west coast of Florida) to attend a fundraising dinner.

For the Florida Democratic Party, with this visit, “the priorities of the Trump Administration are in sight: Pence comes to raise funds in Florida two days after being appointed to direct our national response to the coronavirus.”


This was stated by the president of the Democratic Party in the state, Terrie Rizzo, in a statement, which also states that “the oversight of (President Donald Trump) in health and safety is incredibly alarming.”

Several Democratic congressmen for Florida, who also seek to revalidate their mandates in this year’s elections, also directed their darts against the vice president.

“After being put in charge of the Administration’s coronavirus response, Pence should focus on addressing this global health emergency and not flee from Washington D.C. to campaign,” Lois Frankel said.

“Instead of focusing attention on directing the country’s response to the growing concern about the coronavirus, Vice President Pence spends his time traveling to raise funds for his re-election campaign. The people of the United States deserve an effective and coordinated response,” said Donna Shalala, who was Secretary of Health of the United States during the two terms of Bill Clinton.

The Florida Democratic Party also noted that when Pence was governor of Indiana, the number of people infected with HIV grew to their highest level due to the cut in public funds and their “moralistic” stance against measures such as providing syringes to consumers of drugs

President Trump announced on February 26 that Pence will coordinate the government’s task force against the virus that causes COVID-19 disease, after saying that the risk of contracting the coronavirus in that country is “very low.”

To date there are 62 cases of COVID-19, including three of local infection. In Florida there have not been any cases yet.

The governor said Thursday that a group of Florida residents have been examined for symptoms similar to coronavirus but so far all have turned out to be negative.

“All of our county staff has been instructed to offer information to our communities about any measure,” said Jeanette Nuñez, Florida’s vice governor

The authorities asked the public not to be alarmed or to take into account rumors about this disease and recommended to visit the page of the State Department of Health that has updated information about the coronavirus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) today raised the level of expansion risk to “very high.”

In a press conference, the Director General of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, confirmed that outside of China, so far, 4,351 cases have been detected in 48 countries, with first infections in Nigeria, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Iceland in The last 24 hours.

The “very high” risk had only been established so far in China, where fewer new cases have been diagnosed in the last three days than in the rest of the world.

The Mexican authorities confirmed on Friday the first case of coronavirus in the country, a man who recently traveled to Italy and becomes the second detected in Latin America after he was registered in Brazil.



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