Democrats In Nevada Enter Presidential Contest

Las Vegas – Democrats in Nevada are preparing to participate in the race for the presidential candidacy of their party.

Seven casinos in Las Vegas are among 200 locations of partisan assemblies in the state for Saturday’s vote, the third of the 2020 primary season, which has so far been marked by chaos and uncertainty in rural and mostly white states. The exercise of democracy between urban temples is just one element that distinguishes the first presidential contest in the west of the country, which, more importantly, will test the strength of candidates among black and Hispanic voters for the first time in year.

“Nevada represents an opportunity for those candidates to show their appeal to a larger section of the country,” said Attorney General Aaron Ford who has not expressed support for any of the candidates.


The population of Nevada, which is more representative of that of the United States than those of Iowa and New Hampshire, who conducted the two previous votes, is 29% Hispanic, 10% black and 9% Asian.

The vote comes at a crucial time for the Democratic Party, when socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders emerges as a clear pointer and half a dozen moderate candidates attack each other to present themselves as the clear alternative to Sanders. The winner will represent the game against Donald Trump in November.

But on the eve of partisan assemblies, questions remained about the ability of Democrats in Nevada to quickly report the results, while new fears of foreign interference arise in the 2020 contest.

While campaigning in California, Sanders confirmed reports that he had been informed by federal officials a month ago that Russia was trying to help his campaign as part of Moscow’s efforts to interfere in the elections.

“It was not clear what role they were going to play,” Sanders said. “They tell us that Russia, perhaps other countries, will be involved in this campaign.”

He added: “A message for Russia: Outside the United States elections.”

Despite the distraction, Sanders arrives on Saturday more and more confident, backed by strong support from Hispanics and unionized workers attracted by their calls to transform the country’s economy and political system in favor of the working class.



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