Democrats Publish Report Detailing Trump's Alleged Scheme On Ukraine And Discusses a Precedent For The Political Trial

Donald Trump

(WAB NEWS) – The Democrats of the House of Representatives Intelligence Commission on Tuesday published their report detailing how President Donald Trump sought political gains through his dealings with Ukraine.

The report speaks of the historical precedent to accuse a president, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.


The report of the House Intelligence Commission presents the Democrats' arguments for impeachment, weaving a narrative about Trump's handling of Ukraine, even with evidence and telephone records, sources said. The report will also compare Trump's lack of cooperation with Congress with cooperation in past administrations to argue that this president has been involved in an unprecedented secrecy.

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The committee's report serves as the backbone of the political trial procedures of the Democrats against the President. The committee is expected to vote to approve it Tuesday night to send it to the Chamber's Judiciary Committee, where it is expected to serve as the basis for the articles of political trial that panel will write in the coming days.

Republicans published their report on Monday before the Democrats, a document that fully defended the president's actions on Ukraine, and accused the Democrats of rushing to accuse the president without any evidence that Trump has done anything wrong.

The Democratic report is largely based on the 17 interviews with witnesses that took place in recent months, including 12 in two weeks of public hearings, with testimonies that detailed a long effort led by the president's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani , to expel the US ambassador to Ukraine and then push Kiev to announce investigations into the president's political rivals.

The conclusions of the report on Ukraine and the obstruction of Congress are expected to be included in the articles of political judgment.

The president of the Intelligence Chamber, Adam Schiff, a Democrat from California, told Rachel Maddow of MSNBC on Monday that the report “describes in great detail a scheme that really began long before the retirement of Ambassador (Marie) Yovanovitch, and It was designed to promote two political objectives of the president, which is an investigation into Joe Biden and an investigation into this theory of the discredited conspiracy that it was Ukraine that interfered in the last elections, not Russia, even though all our intelligence agencies they concluded that it was Russia, despite the fact that it is actually Putin's narrative that Ukraine did it, not us. ”

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Schiff added: "The president obviously believed that this would help his reelection campaign, and was willing to use all the strength of his office to take advantage of Ukraine to do these false investigations."

Voting the report of the Intelligence Commission signals a change in the process of political judgment of that commission to the Judicial Commission. The judicial panel, chaired by representative Jerry Nadler of New York, will hold its first political trial hearing on Wednesday with legal experts.



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