Democrats Will Defend The Right To Vote In The US

Democrats in several states have vowed to fight to protect abortion rights in the US, following the leak of a Supreme Court ruling draft that would overturn it and having their hands tied in Congress.

In the wake of the leak, published Monday by Politico, a myriad of state Democratic governors and legislators have promised to shield this right against the likelihood that the country’s highest judicial body, with a conservative majority, will limit or revoke it in June. .

The governor of Michigan, the progressive Gretchen Whitmer, summarized in a message on Twitter the feeling of the Democrats in the states, far from the centers of federal power.


“I want all Michiganders, regardless of what happens in DC (District of Columbia), to know that I will fight to the death to protect access to safe, legal abortion … in Michigan,” the governor said in a video directed to the citizens.

Abortion protection falls to state Democrats

And it is that, from the District of Columbia, where Washington, the capital of the country, is located, little can be done if abortion is revoked by the Supreme Court, given that any initiative of the White House or the Democratic leadership in Congress to protect that right is going to come up against “filibusterism”.

This legislative mechanism has become the main weapon used by Republicans in both chambers, controlled by Democrats, to hinder the projects of progressives and President Joe Biden, who has seen the financing of his social agenda shipwrecked due to filibustering , which requires 60 votes in favor in the Senate to approve any draft.

Consequently, progressives are preparing to make the states in which they hold power become “sanctuaries” for abortion access.

The Democratic governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham, said on Twitter that if there is a Supreme Court ruling against abortion, “the ramifications” could be devastating for the women of her state.

“Today and every day, the actions we have taken to protect abortion rights in New Mexico are more important than ever. Access to abortion is access to health care, and that will not change here,” he concluded.

In anticipation of a resolution in the Supreme Court that restricts or bans abortion, several states dominated by progressives, such as Colorado, New Jersey and Washington, have approved legislation this year to protect it and there are currently 16 states, plus the District of Columbia, that They have regulations that protect this right.

Broadly speaking, these 16 states are on the east and west coast of the country, such as California, Nevada, Oregon, Maryland or New York, although they include Colorado and Illinois, in the center and midwest, respectively.

iIlinois, one of the possible destinations to abort

For example, in Illinois, which is expected to become one of the destinations for many women who want to have an abortion and who cannot do so in their own states due to limitations, the Legislature approved in 2021 a rule that annuls the requirement to notify parents when a minor wants to interrupt her pregnancy.

In California, after the leak, Governor Gavin Newsom promised on Tuesday to shield abortion in the state Constitution; and in Colorado, Governor Jared Polis signed a law last month that shields unrestricted access to abortion in this state.

According to the Guttmacher Institute study center, if the 1973 ruling in the “Roe v. Wade” case by which the Supreme Court recognized the right to abortion in the US is revoked through a new ruling by this court in a case Regarding the state of Mississippi, in the US there would be a total of 26 states where it would be banned or with the possibility of being banned.

These are basically Republican-held territories in the central, northern, midwestern and southern parts of the country, such as Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Texas, South Dakota, Ohio and Oklahoma.

Alabama governor prays for abortion ban

In fact, the governor of Alabama, the conservative Kay Ivey, described on Twitter the filtering of the draft as “troubling, scandalous and a blatant attempt to manipulate the sacred processes of the Supreme Court” and assured that she directs her “prayers” so that “Roe v. Wade” is overturned and “life prevails.

Along the same lines, the governor of Georgia, also Republican Brian Kemp, stated in a statement that his state will continue to “value life” in all its stages and that it will continue to fight for “the strongest pro-life law” in the country.

Thus, the truth is that the polls indicate that the majority of Americans, 54%, consider that the Supreme Court should maintain “Roe against Wade”.

A major poll commissioned by the Washington Post and ABC, data collected last week, days before a draft leaked, indicates that 54% of Americans think “Roe v. Wade” should continue; while 28% believe that it should be revoked.

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