Democrats Win Kentucky And Set The Tone For 2020 | News Univision Elections In The USA 2020

On Tuesday night one of the most important republican strongholds in the country fell. Although Donald Trump achieved almost 30 points ahead in Kentucky in 2016 and despite having invested time and political capital in the elections on Tuesday, Democrat Andy Beshear won the governorship.

Since Trump became president, Democrats have monopolized the governorships of states such as Kansas, New Jersey, Virginia, Michigan, Maine, Nevada, New Mexico and Wisconsin.

In Virginia, the state Congress passed to Democrats for the first time since 1993, following the trend that has marked the state in recent years.


These were the first elections since the political trial against the president began and were marked by high electoral participation, where suburban areas – which commonly lean toward Republicans – gave Democrats favor; a key indicator for the presidential elections of 2020.

These were the six most striking elections this Tuesday, November 5:

Know your rights as a voter in the 2020 elections


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