Deportivo Saprissa (1-0) Motagua: Grand Final, Summary And Goal

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90 '+ 4' The match is over! Saprissa defeats Motagua with a score of one to zero and they take the minimum advantage for the Final Tour in Honduran territory

90 '+ 2' Ceeeerca Motagua, Izaguirre took a left footed shot from outside the penalty area, however, the ball crashed into the humanity of a defender who saved his frame


90 'The 90 regulations have been met and the arbitration body indicates that four minutes of play will be added

88 'David Ramírez misses second for Saprissa! The forward headed into the area but goalkeeper Rougier had a monumental save and kept his team alive for the final lap

87 'Motagua reacts and advances lines to try to tie the game; only a few moments remain and it seems mission impossible for visitors

83 'Jaylon Hadden saves Saprissa! The central defender was in a hand in hand and when the opponent shot, Hadden was miraculously swept to cover the ball

81 'Saprissa plays with one player less but they keep attacking and look for the second goal of the night against a Motagua who seems not to take advantage of his numerical superiority

78 'Another modification for the premises

76 'Red for Saprissa! Yostin Salinas goes to the showers after a hard entry on the ankle of an opponent

73 'Time goes on and it seems that Motagua will not be able to tie the game; there are moments of tension in the stadium tonight

70 'Modification for the Purple Monster: it was all for Ugalde and David Ramírez comes in instead

67 'Michael Barrantes de Saprissa also paints yellow for an unnecessary foul in midfield

63 'Angulo took a free kick for Saprissa but his shot crashed into the wall

61 'Uuuuy, again Aaron Cruz saves Saprissa; Motagua had made a great collective play that ended in a dangerous center, however, the keeper stopped in a timely manner

60 'The game has half an hour of action left, the ball goes from goal to goal and the goal is for anyone

For this second part Motagua made a modification: Roberto Moreira left and Walter Joel Martínez came in instead

56 'Saprissa has managed to contain the euphoria of Motagua and already balances the balance, so it would not be strange to see the purple team score a second goal at home to take a comfortable advantage for the Final Round

53 'Blanco is booked and with that, Saprissa has his first disadvantaged player in this match

50 'From this moment Saprissa plays with time in his favor and as the minutes go by they will be closer to victory, that's where they should play with intelligence

47 'Motagua came out with everything for this second half and they go to the front, although they must be vigilant in the defensive zone so as not to neglect and receive more goals

Roll the ball and start the complementary part!

TO THE REST: this was the great save of Aaron Cruz that keeps Saprissa without goals received tonight

TO THE REST: this is how Saprissa encourages and celebrates the partial triumph of her team

45 '+ 3' The referee blows his whistle and indicates that he has finished the first half at Ricardo Saprissa Stadium

45 'The 45 regulations have been complied with and the arbitration body indicates that three more minutes will be added

44 'Kevin López de Motagua was bandaged after a hard blow to the head when he was looking for the ball

42 'Ceeerca Motagua, Moreira was in the area and could not finish off a ball that was almost motionless; Saprissa is saved before the end of the first part

38 'Uuuuuuy Rougier saves Motagua from receiving the second one, he was shot from outside the area but the ball was deflected and was about to get into the nets, but the goalkeeper reacted on time and sent a corner kick

37 'Ceeerca Motagua, sent a cross from the right wing but goalkeeper Aaron Cruz effectively cut the danger on his goal

36 'We approached the final stretch of the first half and Saprissa has been better than Motagua

33 'A new yellow card arrived for Motagua and this time it was for Emilio Izaguirre, who won the preventive card for a hard entry in midfield

30 'Half an hour is played and Saprissa has an important advantage that she will try to keep ahead of the final leg

This was the goal of Johan Venegas who now has Saprissa in his house

25 'Motagua tries to respond and they launch into the attack, but so far they have not been fully effective

22 'The first yellow card of the match arrives and it is for Marion Licona, substitute goalkeeper of Motagua, for angrily claiming from the bench

19 'GOOOOL DE SAPRISSA, goal by Johan Venegas, who received a ball in the heart of the area, turned and left-handed to set the one to zero

18 'Saprissa begins to attack on the sides and generate great danger … little by little they join the offensive with more idea and the goal is to go to rest with at least one goal of advantage

14 'The ball travels from side to side, the game is round trip and in constant danger; the first goal is breathed and the one who carries the balance in his favor for the moment is Saprissa

11 'Motagua begins to fall into the dirty game through unnecessary fouls and for the moment they are saved from receiving yellow cards; the central judge must be attentive or the party could get out of hand

9 'The fans play their role tonight at the Ricardo Saprissa Stadium, they press each time the opponent touches the ball and the chants do not stop

7 'Johan Venegas received a hard foul in the band when he tried to overflow; a yellow card was requested for the seriousness of the entry, but the central judge let the actions run

5 'The match starts with a lot of intensity and fights for the ball in the midfield; Saprissa proposes more when playing at home, but Motagua will also have an offensive proposal

2 'First arrival from Saprissa, Venegas took a free kick on the edge of the area and the ball goes over; already warned the home team at this start

And the actions start at the Saprissa Stadium! The purple team will try to take advantage in the Ida Final this Thursday night

The 22 players are already on the pitch, the official photo will be taken and in just a few moments the final will start

Saprissa will seek victory with this 11. Cruz, Bolaños, Salinas, Venegas, Loyal, Angulo, Barrantes, Blanco, Ugalde, Robinson and David.

This is the alignment of Motagua to face Deportivo Saprissa tonight. Rougier, Maldonado, Montes, Pereira, Elvir, Izaguirre, Castellanos, Galváliz, López, Moreira and Estigarribia.

Motagua is just heading to the stadium to face the match against Deportivo Saprissa.

Saprissa will seek to take advantage this Thursday when he faces Motagua at home.

Welcome to the previous and minute by minute of Deportivo Saprissa vs Motagua, first leg of the Concacaf Grand Final that will be played this Thursday, November 7 from the Ricardo Saprissa Stadium in Costa Rica.