Depression Leads Edith González’s Mother To Believe That She Is Still Alive

Lorena Velázquez, a close friend of Ofelia Fuentes, mother of the late actress, said that the lady has not been able to overcome the death of the protagonist of soap operas.

Next June 13 will be the actress’ first mourning anniversary Edith González , who passed away from ovarian cancer diagnosed in 2016, something his mother, Ofelia Fuentes, seems not yet to assimilate.


In accordance with Lorena Velázquez, one of the closest friends of the mother of the late actress, Mrs. Ofelia She has not yet overcome the depression that afflicts her after the loss of her daughter.

The veteran actress featured in an interview with the show program First hand, that the mother of Edith She is in a rest house in Cuernavaca where she is assisted to treat her depression, since according to Velázquez, this disease makes him believe that his daughter is still alive.

“She has people who treat her very well,” she explained in the interview. “” They are going to try to take away her depression because she does not believe that Edith is dead. “She only tells you ‘bye Lore, Edith doesn’t come to see me anymore, why does she forget me?’ For her he is not dead. Poor dear”.

“She is very depressed. Those things are very strong,” lamented Lorena Velázquez. According to the interpreter, the son of Ofelia Fuentes, Victor González, was the one who decided to take the lady to the center where she is hospitalized so that she can be surrounded by care all the time since in Mexico City she was alone.

She added that the isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic was a determining factor for the decision to be made: “She was alone, they could not visit her. No one could visit her anymore.”

Since last March, Velázquez had warned about the depression the mother of the star was going through Wild Heart: “She does not allow herself to be helped and all she wants is to reach her daughter, she wants nothing more than to reach Edith. When people are like this, you have to let them say and think as you like, you will not scold them. Death a son or daughter must be the worst, “he said.

Lorena Velázquez also shared that Constance Creel, the daughter Edith, recovers from mourning along with her biological father’s family Santiago Creel: “She lives with her dad and has two half-sisters and Creel’s wife loves her very much,” he said. “He must be very sad, but within everything he has a family, I think he is very well,” he said.

Furthermore, you agree that Lorenzo Lazo been given another chance in love with Lourdes Pelaez, a woman who lives in Guadalajara where she carries out the public relations of a famous restaurant in that city: “She deserves it,” he said. Velázquez“He did spend three years with his nails glued to the wall. He is a person who has to rebuild his life.”