Derek Jeter Broke Up With The Marlins

Miami (AP) —Derek Jeter entered this off-season, believing that the Miami Marlins would spend more on their players, continue to build for the future, and become a team with post-season aspirations.

His goal, or the Marlins goal, has clearly changed since then.


And Hall of Fame is no longer part of the organization and has resigned as CEO and partner.

Jeter surprisingly announced his departure from the Marlins on Monday, four and a half years after his unfortunate tenure as a Yankees player who lacked satisfaction.

“I’m not going to continue as CEO or shareholder,” Jeter said in a statement released by a public relations service rather than the Marlins. “Five years ago, we embarked on a transformation of the Marlins franchise. As CEO, I am proud to be able to provide my name and reputation to realize our plans. Through effort, trust and transparency, we have transformed every aspect of the franchise, replaced staff and developed a long-term strategic plan for success. “

But he added that the club’s current vision is “different from what I promised to promote.”

Jeter, who wasn’t involved in day- to-day work, had previously stated that he was having a hard time putting up with a conversion project, but it wasn’t immediately clear what he meant about the club’s vision. Marlins has been put together in a team. Succeeded.

Bruce Sherman, principal owner of the Marlins, said in another statement released by the media company, not the club itself, “a talented group that handles business and baseball decisions when looking for a new CEO to lead a franchise. There is. ” ..

So far, it shows that leadership is in the hands of Kim Ng. Kim Ng was brought to Miami by Jeter in 2020 and became the first woman to have these features in one of the major leagues of professional sports in North America.

Bruce Sherman became CEO of the Marlins in September 2017 when he acquired the club from Jeffrey Loria. This is the first black man to serve as CEO in Major League Baseball.

He played for the Yankees throughout his career from 1995 to 2014 and won five World Series. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2020.

Under his direction, the Marlins went to 218-327. When they went 31-29, they won more than one defeat in the 2020 season, when the pandemic was shortened. In the other three full seasons with Jeter as CEO, it was 63-98, 57-105 and 67-95.

After spending 20 years on one of the wealthiest teams in baseball, Jeter led a franchise with the 27th cheapest roster among the 30 Major League Baseball teams, with a salary of $ 61 million.

Jeter said in October last year that Marlins’ revenue sources are confident that it will change after it has improved over the past year after signing a new television rights contract and a stadium naming rights contract.

Venezuelan shortstop Miguel Rojas, leader of the Marlins clubhouse, praised Jeter’s integrity.

“Derek was a great mentor for me and helped me become a leader,” Rojas tweeted. “This is what the leader does.”

Jeter urged the Marlins to buy outfielder Avisail Garcia and offered a $ 53 million four-year contract in December, just before lockout began. Miami has also signed a five-year, $ 56 million deal with Dominican right-handed Sandy Alcantara. In addition, Rojas has signed 10 million contracts over two years.


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