Dermatologists Question Whether Psoriasis Is a Cause Of Cancer

Eduardo Najar
Latin Agency for News Medicine and Public Health

The development of cancer has multiple causes, including some diseases that can promote the manifestation of cancer cells in certain tissues

There are some causes why a cancer usually develops, the main reason is due to a genetic abnormality that occurs at the time of genome transcription, also, malignancies or syndromes predominate that usually affect certain chromosomes and this irregularity in some cases is usually inherited from generation to generation.


Recently a group of scholars from the University of Manchester and Hamburg received evidence from a study that argues that psoriasis, a condition that develops on the skin whose manifestation is linked to a deficiency in the immune system, may not be a cause of cancer , but it is a risk factor, since a person with a poor immune system can easily present any type of chronic disease in which cancer stands out.

In-depth study

The research team has made two very simple and profound clarifications when it comes to talking about psoriasis and relating it to cancer, where as a first measure it is not established that this skin condition originates or triggers a tumor or cancer cells in a certain area. In point two, they clarify that it is not a cause of cancer in the epidermis either, because in some cases it is believed that this condition can develop some malignancy of this type in the skin.

They argued that mainly the reason for the proximity between psoriasis and cancer is a risk factor that may predominate in those patients who have malignancy in their skin, because as mentioned above this pathology is born or originates from an irregularity in the immune system, so the creation of lymphocytes is limited and before the origin of a chronic disease such as cancer the body does not have enough antibodies to fight this condition.

The development of conditions is important to take into account, since there are some connections with certain pathologies that are considered chronic, such as cancer, psoriasis being a disease whose origin is related to the system that fights conditions can not only trigger this malignancy but others, that is why it is of the utmost importance to carry out medical controls and prevent relapses or complications.


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