Descaled | Beware Of Returning To Exercise

The first day I went down to start the car to try to save the battery, with no success, by the way, I ran into a neighbor who was running through the garage. We were still in the initial days of confinement, the most uncertain, and each one wanted his life to do physical exercise. There have been weeks of home sports: stationary bicycles, rollers, tapes, ellipticals, guided classes, training tables, dances … The smarter companies, as usual in these cases, raised prices due to the increasing demand for these sports devices. Even portable pools have had their audiences. Each one has kept the shape as well as they could, but never in the best conditions. The treadmill, for example, has contraindications for an athlete.

The Government allows exercise outdoors starting this Saturday. It was about time, many think about a practice that in other countries has been allowed from the beginning. Sport is health. This is how the order in the BOE explains it: “The practice of physical activity and the reduction of sedentary lifestyle are factors that have a positive influence on the improvement of people’s health, on the prevention of chronic diseases and, therefore, on quality and life expectancy ”. And it also warns of the “benefits” for “the older adult population”, which it helps to “maintain adequate functionality, a lower risk of falls, better preserved cognitive functions …”. It is understood, therefore, that those gains now so highlighted erroneously passed into the background during confinement. Exercise, albeit late, returns this weekend. And it will have to be done with due caution, after such a long time of confinement. To finish with another personal chascarrillo, a friend told me that the first day he walked his child he returned home very suffocated. Let’s be very careful.