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NY. Donald Trump expressed his gratitude to Republican lawmakers who stormed a congressional hall by breaking into the lower house hearings for the formulation of charges for a political trial of their boss, and Republican leaders of the Senate today promoted a measure condemning the process of impeachment against the president.

With more and more difficulties in defending the president against declarations and documents that prove that there was an abuse of Trump's power by pressing a foreign government to take measures to harm one of his political rivals, thus inviting external interference in the process American election, Republicans have dedicated themselves to disqualify the handling of the process by the Democrats, and not the substance.

This afternoon, the influential Republican Senator Lindsey Graham announced that he was introducing a resolution in the upper house to condemn the impeachment process in the hands of the Democratic majority in the lower house, which he described as "an illegitimate closed door inquiry." The resolution demands that the Democratic leadership of the chamber "open a formal impeachment inquiry and grant President Trump full fundamental constitutional protections"


Several veteran observers of the American political world point out that for now the Republicans have no other options, because by stumbling blocks of Trump himself and his people, not only have they failed to defend themselves against the charges, but they have almost admitted that they did just what they did. accuses them. A New York Times editorial concluded Thursday that "it is increasingly clear that the president's only defense against impeachment is to distract from the facts and complain about how unfairly they are treating him."

Graham himself, in his press conference, admitted that in a certain way, stating that "I am not here to tell you that Donald Trump has done nothing wrong," that is, the substance of the accusations was not rejected, but only the process of The investigation in progress.

However, legal analysts – including Trump's favorite media, Fox News – have repeatedly pointed out that Republican deputies who are members of the three lower house committees in charge of the investigation have fully participated in the process, and even more, that the chamber It is operated with the rules adopted and ratified in 2015 under republican control.

Moreover, the Democrats have repeatedly pointed out that they hope to start public hearings in a few weeks.

For his part, Trump, who approved of the action of the capture of the hall in the Capitol by Republican legislators yesterday, which delayed the testimony of a high official of the Pentagon for five hours, today guarded: “thanks to the Republicans of the camera for being tough, intelligent and for understanding in detail the biggest witch hunt in American history. ”

Meanwhile, two partners of Trump's lawyer and personal advisor, Rudolph Giuliani, arrested and accused of fraud for channeling international funds to US political campaigns, linked Trump today in his legal case, expressing that there is the potential for invoking the “Executive privilege” in addressing some evidence in the case, since Giuliani was working for Trump while he was a lawyer for one of the defendants.

On another front, one of the dozens of women who have accused Trump of harassment and sexual assault, Summer Zervos, a former contestant of The Apprentice, the reality show that Trump conducted, and who is now sued for defamation after he He denied his accusations, apparently presented documents before a court that corroborated his version of what happened with the now president.

And finally, teasing continues for how the president said in a speech Wednesday night that he was building his border wall including in Colorado. Today he insisted it was a joke, trying to justify his mistake. Among the best answers was that of the governor (Democrat) of that state, Jared Polis, who tweeted: “Well, this is a bit awkward…. Colorado does not share a border with Mexico. It's good that Colorado now offers free kindergarten for our children to learn basic geography. ”



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