Despite The Risk Of Coronavirus, Yadhira Carrillo Will Continue Visiting Collado

Without ignoring the health problem that exists in the world, the actress assured that she does not plan to leave her husband in the northern prison where she has been since July last year.

Yadhira Carrillo continues to show unconditional love for her husband Juan Collado , who was arrested in July 2019 at a restaurant in Lomas de Chapultepec, in Mexico City, accused of organized crime and operations with illicit resources.


Despite the restrictions that exist in the city due to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus, she continues to visit the lawyer in the prison.

Without overlooking the health problem that exists in the world, the actress assured that she does not intend to abandon her husband in these moments of crisis.

“Yes, it is dangerous, you have to take great care of yourself. I am in my house, in my room. I take food inside my room and do not leave the room for other things unless it is very necessary. I come here and all the time I am cleaning myself, I bring my mask, I do not wave, I do not kiss, I do not have contact with other people ”.

And given the possibility of restricting visits, Carrillo commented: “I do not know if there will be a time when we are prevented from entering, it will surely be so and well of course, we will abide by it, of course, for me it is difficult. You are obviously afraid, not only for yourself, for others, for the contagion, for being, for passing between people and everything, but well, it happened like this. ”

The interpreter stated that her husband’s health has not been affected: “It’s okay, it’s okay. But well we know that it is a person who has problems, has had a problem at some time. He is not quite perfect in his lungs, so of course I am worried that his defenses will drop and he may have a problem, but he is always guarded, “she said.