Devastating Flooding Leaves At Least Dead In Kentucky

Devastating Flooding Leaves At Least 15 Dead In Kentucky

JACKSON, Kentucky – Torrential rains triggered devastating flooding in the central Appalachians on Thursday, with rapidly rising water levels killing at least 15 people in Kentucky and forcing people to take shelter on roofs to be rescued.

Search and rescue teams, backed by the National Guard, were searching Friday for people missing in record flooding that swept through entire communities in some of America’s poorest places.

“We still have a lot to look for,” said Jerry Stacy, the director of emergency management in flood-hit Perry County. “We still have missing persons.”


Water flowed freely down hillsides and overflowed from creek beds, flooding homes, businesses and highways throughout eastern Kentucky. Parts of western Virginia and southern West Virginia also saw extensive flooding. Rescue teams used helicopters and boats to pick up the trapped people.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear told the AP before touring the disaster area that the 15 dead in Kentucky include children, “but I expect that number to more than double, probably even later today.” .

“Simply put, this event is devastating,” Beshear said hours earlier. “And I think it’s going to end up being one of the largest and deadliest floods we’ve had in Kentucky in a long time.”

The flooding that has hit Eastern Kentucky is absolutely devastating and there is even more rain expected. Like the tornadoes, helping our families rebuild and recover is going to be a long, hard process. If you can, donate at to help those impacted.

— Andy Beshear (@AndyBeshearKY) July 28, 2022

In Kentucky’s Breathitt County, the family of Krystal Holbrook scrambled to move their belongings to higher ground as waters rose in the early hours. Her ordeal began around 4 a.m. Thursday, when they went out in the dark to move vehicles, mobile homes, trailers and farm equipment. But as the water continued to rise throughout the day, the concern was that “the higher ground is getting a little rough,” she said.

“This looks like a huge lake,” he added.

Beshear warned that property damage in Kentucky would be widespread. She said authorities were setting up a site for donations that will go to residents affected by the flooding.

Dangerous conditions and continued rain hampered rescue efforts Thursday, the governor said.

“We have a lot of people that need help that we can’t reach right now,” Beshear said. “We will do it”.

Flash flooding and mudslides have been reported in the mountainous region of eastern Kentucky, western Virginia and southern West Virginia, where thunderstorms have dumped several inches of rainwater in recent days.

With more rain forecast for the area, the National Weather Service said more flooding was possible through Friday across much of West Virginia, eastern Kentucky and southwestern Virginia. Forecasters said the greatest flash flood threat is expected to move farther east, into inland West Virginia. Up to 6 inches of rain had fallen in some places Thursday, and 1 to 3 inches more could fall, the weather service said.

The website reported that more than 31,000 customers lost power in eastern Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia. Most of those blackouts were in Kentucky.



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