Developer! The Tragic Event That Marked Michael Jackson For Life

One more chapter of the hidden life of Michael Jackson that comes to light. And it is that his privacy remained so hermetic that details of his childhood were not even known, not even of his life in adulthood.

Pop’s king He started his career when he was still a child. In the first instance he formed the “Jackson Five” group with his 4 brothers where he stood out for his high voice. Related News In those years the little one Michael He enjoyed going on stage and breaking down all his vocal flow without knowing that his musical talent would cost him dearly.

And, at the age of 13 his father “Joe Jackson” took him to a medical appointment with a macabre purpose. The late singer did not know what his father had in mind.


Papa Jackson requested that the child be chemically castrated and that he keep his sharp voice intact until adulthood.

How awful! After many years the singer of “We Are The World” told this unfortunate and traumatic event that deprived him of preserving his manhood and being able to have offspring.

Apparently Michael Jackson had a sad personal life and full of tragedies that marked him forever until the end of his days.