Devers Will Be An Essential Part Of The Red Sox Without Betts

FORT MYERS, Florida, USA (AP) – His boyish face and constant smile make him look younger than his 23 years, but third baseman Rafael Devers already has three seasons and a World Series championship on his resume. After finishing in 12th place in the vote of the Most Valuable Player of the American League in his excellent 2019 campaign, the Boston Red Sox believe the Dominican has not yet reached his full potential. Devers hit .311 for 32 home runs. and 115 driven races, in addition to the 54 doubles with which he led the American League and accumulated the most extrabases last season with 90. He was the leader in games played with the Red Sox (156), unstoppable (201) and average at bat. With the departure of Mookie Betts, in a change with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Devers will take on a more relevant role in the Boston offense this season. “Especially with what has improved his defensive game, it is an important piece.” said manager Ron Roenicke. “The bat is fine, especially for the position in which he plays and how it makes our lineup deeper, making it more complicated for pitchers to face us.” Roenicke expects Devers to be second in the offensive order this season , behind the probable first Andrew Benintendi. It was where Devers was most successful last season, after taking the place at the end of June. “Wherever the team is at bat, I will do what they tell me,” said Devers, who debuted in spring training on Friday. “But obviously he was very successful at batting in second place last year. It won’t change the way I deal with it, anyway. I will do what it takes, I will go out and work hard. ”With Betts leaving, there are many expectations for Devers. David Ortiz, the retired Red Sox legend, said that Devers should just repeat his performance last year. 250 of his turns (last year), ”said Ortiz. “And I told myself,‘ Brother, this guy is on another level. ”Devers knows what the expectations will be this season. But he doesn’t feel the pressure to replace Betts, the MVP of 2018. “I don’t feel the pressure,” he said. “We have a great team. We have a lot of talent in this team. We have (Alex) Executioner, we have (Benintendi), we have (Xander) Bogaerts, and J.D. (Martinez). We have to keep our level high. We all know that Mookie was a superstar, but we don’t feel any pressure, because we know what kind of team we have and we’ll be ready for the season. ”