Diabetes And Cardiovascular Disease

On November 14, the most important world awareness day on diabetes conditions is celebrated, WHO and the IDF (International Diabetes Federation), whose purpose is to publicize, symptoms, causes, complications related to the disease and of the importance of preventing the incidence.

The high consumption of sugars, inheritance, obesity and sedentary lifestyle increase the risk of suffering from diabetes and with it the possibility of cardiovascular disease.

Diabetes progressively damages blood vessels and accelerates the process of atherosclerosis, increasing the risk of heart attack or stroke, as well as peripheral arteries.


Likewise, it is worth mentioning the risk of these patients suffering from renal disease, together with arterial hypertension, which leads to dialysis in a large percentage of cases.

In our country about 25% exists between prediabetes and diabetes, so we must encourage good habits, such as reducing consumption of sugary drinks, eating more vegetables and salads, maintaining an adequate weight, exercising, knowing our blood value of Glycemia or sugar as the population calls it, periodically and in consultation with your GP. Remember to start these good habits from childhood and adolescence to become healthy adults, we recommend watching our family and encouraging healthy habits.

November 14 World Diabetes Day, be part of this awareness to the population.