Diane Keaton And Keanu Reeves Again Make Perfect Pairs In The Oscar

At the end of When you least expect it (Something’s Gotta Give, also known as Someone has to give in), Diane Keaton ended up discarding her relationship with the young doctor who played Keanu Reeves and opting for the interesting mature Jack Nicholson. An election that, 17 years after the premiere of Nancy Meyers’ romantic comedy, continues to cause many viewers to pull their hairs out of sheer misunderstanding. And it is that the 2003 film made us dream and dream about what could have been of Julian (Reeves) and Erica (Keaton) … until last Sunday, the dream came true. The chemistry that Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves exhibited When you least expect it, it remains intact 17 years later. (Image: © Warner Bros. / Twitter @vulture – courtesy of A.M.P.A.S. © 2020) More And it is that the 55-year-old Canadian and the 74-year-old Californian attended the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony to deliver the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, demonstrating that they keep intact the chemistry of When you least expect it: “ It’s been a long time since you and I made that movie, when you least expect it. Do you remember that I was in it? ”Keaton told Reeves, before they both begin to praise each other for their performance on the tape:“ You were amazing ”; “No, you were amazing.” “I will never forget when I read that script by Nancy Meyers,” Reeves continues, to which Keaton replies ironically: “Yes, me neither, what is it…” “There were many laughs and many cries in him. , and you and I had a great time… ”says Keaton staring at Reeves and making him turn red (so much so that many of us were expecting a kiss in direct). Many spectators of When you least expect it, they dreamed of what would be It could have been Julian and Erica as a couple. (Image: © Warner Bros. Pictures) More “Let’s be honest… were good times,” Keaton continues, before a nervous Reeves interrupts her in an apparent attempt to hide the tension: “It was wonderful! You and Jack! ”“ Well, I wouldn’t go that far, ”Keaton continues to joke – perhaps suggesting that she would have also wanted the same ending as we did for that movie … The chemistry between them continued when an excited Keaton literally lost her papers when opening the envelope and it was Reeves who had to take the envelope and read the winner: Bong Joon-ho by Parasites. The moment was such that director Nancy Meyers herself, director of When you least expect it, published a capture with the message “Wow. Maybe they did end up together ”: Too bad Reeves is already in a relationship with the artist Alexandra Grant, 46, because the truth is that he is very good at accompanying women who far exceed him in age – as checked in the red carpet, where we saw him next to his radiant mother, Patricia Taylor: What does not take away so that we realize the eternal youth in which the actor seems to live forever – and that can be verified by taking a look at his appearance in different ceremonies of the Oscar: In short: yes, that very important the Oscar for Best Screenplay and the other three statuettes that took Parasites … But what we can not get rid of the mind is this adorable couple who continues to fall in love regardless of years that pass (nor those that separate them). And although there are no immediate plans to see them together again on the big screen, both actors have projects pending release. Keaton will star alongside Jeremy Irons the romantic comedy Love, Weddings & Other Disasters, while this year Reeves will return with the sequel / revival Bill & Ted Face the Music, and on May 21, 2021 will premiere not one but two quarters: John Wick 4 and Matrix 4. More stories that may interest you: